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How a Good Logo Important for Your Small Business

Whether it’s a small business or large, branding is inevitable for customer acquisition or building loyalty among the audience. However, let’s get you something straight, your website and logo design is not your brand. Your brand is the culmination of perception, experience and reputation that people have for your products or services. As we previously said, branding is the action to build your brand. In order to sustain amid competitors, brand identity is the tangible expression of your brand (logo, typography, colors, etc.)
But that said, the logo is crucial to your business, explicitly communicating ownership, values and quality. Moreover, it’s imprinted on your website, business cards, social media, and above all, stays upright on your customers’ minds. Because the creative logo design is likely to be one of the initial interactions that people have with your brand, also, it’s your chance to make a solid initial impression to show how you deliver a quality service.
Because the creative logo design is likely to be one of the initial interactions that people have with your brand, also, it’s your chance to make a solid initial impression to show how you deliver a quality service.

What Are the Types of Creative Logo Design

The extent to which logos are a part of our life is immersing. Whether it’s appearing in a large banner or a tiny icon on the screen is a crucial asset for the business. Hence, the objective of a good logo design is not only to present the top corner of your screen and possibly one on the shoe but also to reflect the brand accurately and its character and work diverse in memorable contexts.
When designing a logo for a business, considering the various forms of logo designs, from a lone visual symbol to plain text or different combinations of the two designs based on the business type and objective, is essential to represent your brand. Here are different types of logo designs you’ll find for your brand.


Wordmarks consists of company names written in certain typefaces. Wordmarks or logotypes are generally straightforward to disclose your brand identity. If you are going for wordmarks to create a logo for your business, there are few routes you could take. Some brands like Coca-Cola create custom typefaces precisely for their logo. However, this takes time and requires professional design skills to create. Wordmarks could be a great chance for brands with catchy names. Example: Coca-Cola, eBay


Letterforms generally contain one letter logo that includes only the first letter of the company’s name. Some brands often have additional versions of the logo along with Letterforms that comprise their full business name (explained above) to use on some occasions. Letterform logos are small, though they are easily scalable, even in minuscule dimensions and recognizable.
But you have to keep in mind that the Letterform logo is an appropriate option for a brand that is well known already. Otherwise, it can be tricky for people to know and remember your company’s name. Example: Facebook, Netflix

Lettermarks/Monogram logos

Lettermarks are typography logos that are made up of a brand’s initials. In most cases, brands that have Lettermark logos are referred to by their abbreviated version. Similar to Letterforms, this type of logo is made by using a custom typeface or by identifying the font that successfully reflects your brand identity. Example: HBO, NASA

Logo Symbols

Logo symbols or brand marks are graphic icons, symbols, and images reflecting brand identity. These types of logos represent the image from the real-time object. If you consider logo symbols for your brand, choose the object wisely to symbolize your brand. However, the subtle suggestion for your brand identity to people requires graphic knowledge. Considering Graphic Design Service is a good option to unite your brand with authentic design. Example: Apple, Twitter, Instagram

Abstract Logo Marks

These are generally image-based logos made up of abstract forms to expose the company’s branding. Unlike logo symbols that represent real-time objects, abstract logo marks are metaphorical. Abstract logo marks give you the chance to create something unique. If you consider abstract logo marks, ensure you have solidified your brand identity and know exactly what you want to convey to people. Example: Nike, Google Drive

Why Does Your Business Need a Logo

It does not matter how big the business is; a well-designed logo design is essential to showcase your professionalism and build trust with people who stick around. Moreover, logo design communicates with your potential audience, who you are, what you can do and how that benefits them. An unprofessional logo isn’t capable of holding your visitors; people can simply hit the back button and choose others over if they look more legit.
Logos have a deep symbolic association connected to people’s emotions and memories, creating a dominant logo to connect strings with people and stand out to consumers.

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    How to Create a Strong Logo for Business

    Designing a strong logo is essential to ensure that the customer remembers your brand. Unlike large companies, small business logos need to be clear and delightful to interpret to connect with the audience. Because small brands don’t have either year of recognition or vast marketing budget to help associate with consumers. Your Logo Design needs to clearly explain who you are and what you do in that case.
    There are numerous things and logotypes (explained above) to consider from concept to rollout when crafting your whole brand into a single mark. A great logo for a great small business like yours needs only four fundamental things: A logotype, typography, simple colors, and strong visual element. Let’s get straight one onto.

    Typography that represents your value

    Why concentrate on typography to create a logo for the brand? Because people associate the way, the word looks with what a word says to determine how they feel. So, it’s critical to select suitable typefaces for the logo. Strong branding triggers emotional connections. You want your brand to be emotionally connected, strike interest, and encourage optimism; typography is a way to stir up such connected belongings without people even being aware of it. So, pick typography that reflects what your company stands for.

    Pick Colors Wisely

    The color of your logo determines how your logo is perceived and also has the power to drive purchasing decisions. Color provokes emotions and creates a meaningful connection with consumers. Moreover, color improves brand recognition by 80%.
    But, how to choose colors? Actually, the right colors for your logo and brand depend on the industry and your target market. As we see, certain industries stick with certain colors. For example, financial organizations tend to use blue because the color blue represents security and reliability. Simply, brands use blue to share trust.
    Hence, choose the color that represents your brand story. And a pro tip for you: the most powerful brands choose simple colors. Express your brand quality with a simple color palette and communicate your unique values.
    Simple Iconic Element
    72% of brand names are made up of words; those names create an image in someone’s mind using typography, though. The same can be done with symbols, icons, and graphic designs. When it comes to grabbing attention to the logo, visual elements are the thing that can do precisely. Add the simple icon element to the business logo and ensure that the icon element is original, not from any clip art.
    Your logo is the visual foundation for your business; create your logo more strategically and energetic to grab attention. Overall, design matters, and you need it. The benefits of the logo design are heap sight when you do it ideally. We designed a business logo with a combination mark that divulges your brand identity with entitled typography and colors. Texas Business Analytics comprises experts of logo designers competent in making the perfect mix of symbols, design art, and graphical elements to create a logo that carries sensation and emotion related to your brand. Get started at a fraction of the market price with TBA.
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