Does Seo Help You Rank On The First Page Of Google In 2022

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Does SEO Help you Rank on the First Page of Google in 2022?  

SEO is a key factor in ranking a website at the top of search engine results. It is not just about having a good domain name and a catchy meta description, but it also includes all other factors that can affect how well you are ranked. Continue reading to find out more!  

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is one of those terms that everyone uses, but no one knows exactly what it means. Here is a real-world definition of an optimized site. For instance, if you go to Google and type something like “best laptop reviews 2022” or “best gaming mouse 2022” into the search bar, different websites pop up at the top of the page. These websites have links pointing back to them through which they receive traffic because they are optimized. They have been optimized due to their high-quality content and overall structure. A variety of procedures need to be followed to achieve search engine optimization. These include keyword research, link building, content creation, etc. So, now that we understand what an optimized site is, let us learn about SEO and SEO marketing strategy benefits. 

If you are not sure whether your website has been built correctly or your web pages are mobile –friendly or not, check your webpage with the online tools. SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Lighthouse, and Website Grader are some of the most popular online tools to check the credibility of the site. 

Google has many complex algorithms that determine how your website ranks. No single factor, including SEO, is solely responsible for your ranking.   

Improve your Site Ranking with SEO: 

First Page of Google Ranking

Authoritative and Quality Content:

The number one driving force of search engine ranking is authoritative and quality content. Content is king, and there is no substitute for content to rank higher in Google ranks. Content created for intended users and SEO marketing strategy improves site traffic, authority, and relevance.  

SEO-based content creation needs specific keywords and phrases that users look for. To identify and target the keywords as a visitor for a specific keyword. 

Multiple keyword phrases on a page will create competition among the keywords and make the page unlikely. So, avoid stuffing more keywords on a single page.  

So how to place the keywords?  

Use the keywords naturally as per the content requirement. It is good to include a part of a complete keyword phrase in the page URL, page title, heading, or subheading. Avoid using the same keyword in all these sections. SEO still trumps Usability and Readability.  

Search engine ranking is highly influenced by quality content. A keyword phrase repeated twice or four times, once at the beginning and once at the end of a page, will effectively rank search engines.  

Heading tags ( H1) and sub-heading tags with keyword phrases will influence SEO optimization. Remember that the best pages are written for user engagement and not Google. To create new content opportunities, learn more about SEO marketing. 

Content Updation / Content Optimization: 

Increasing the site’s relevancy is the best strategy to establish the first-page ranking on Google. Updating your website content periodically with engaging and trending topics. It attracts Visitors and Google too. Set an Audit schedule and update your page for site relevancy.  

Blogs are the best way to update your webpage regarding specific topics. Adding blogs at regular intervals.


Each webpage contains a space to add information regarding the page’s contents called metadata between the <head>tags. The three variants of metadata are keyword metadata, description metadata, and title metadata.  

Using the keywords in the phrases and adding their variants in the title or description is Keyword metadata. Using phrases with 1-4 words will help the users visit the webpage.  

Description metadata is like the site’s window display that helps viewers understand what is contained within. It is a concise description of the page content in two full sentences. Whether the Search engine uses the meta description or not, it is important to give an option to the search engine.  

Title Metadata holds the search phrase and is particularly important for any website. As the rightful source of information, it describes the page’s context.  

Adding relevant links improves your credibility and authority on the website. Adding relevant descriptive links to the keywords improves the search engine ranking and adds value to the readers. It is best off-page search engine optimization marketing strategy so far to drive more traffic. 

Alt Tags:

Alternative text description or Alt tag describes the image and video added to the webpage. Describing your image and video improves the SEO of your page for Image SEO and Video SEO.  Search Engine Optimization marketing can help you get the best out of any web page


There is no surefire answer for SEO and ranking on Google. However, by following the right practices and optimizing your website, you can give yourself the best chance of ranking high on the search engine. SEO optimization is a great way to do it if you are looking to improve your website ranking. Let’s connect to discuss how SEO can help your business. TBA’s digital marketing services are a sure fire to catch upon for your business growth. 

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