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Make smart Business Decisions by discovering and unraveling key insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know existed!
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Discover Your Data’s True Value, With Innovative Analytics

Our Data Analytics team does Research making your Data speak through innovative Business Intelligence Solutions.
Deep Domain Expertise

Our Data Analytics for small businesses relies on Creating Data Strategy with Deep Domain Expertise.

Complete Suite

Our Data Analytics offer a Full-service Suite for Software Development and Enhance the Product's Functionality in the market.

Insights Driven Results

Our Business Analytics team delivers impactful insights to generate Data-driven Strategies for your business growth.

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Key Types of Data Strategy and Analytics

Get to know about the types of Data Analytics to receive the best insights from data. You may use it individually or together to utilize the maximum benefit from your business data.

Descriptive Analytics

You can collect raw data from your company and describe what is happening or what happened.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics make predictions about the future events that may occur based on the historical data.

Prescriptive Analytics

This step considers the possible events based on scenarios and suggests the data-driven decisions to be taken.

Why Texas Business Analytics for Data Analytics Services and Strategy?

DATA Analytics and Strategy

Let our Data Analytics map your Analytics Initiatives to Quantifiable Business Outcomes with a Strategic Data driven approach.

DATA Discovery & Augmentation

We bring 360-Degree Customers Views and Insights by Augmentation of your Digital Assets with Predictive Analytics.

DATA Management & More

In addition to Data Analytics and Synthesis, we assist and manage with Governance and Compliance.


Data Analytics Agency

Our Innovative Data Analytics in Business to Drive Your Objectives

At Texas Business Analytics, the Data Analytics is built upon four strategic processes such as Data Collection, Business Intelligence, Insights and Advanced Analytics.
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Identify your Operating model that is necessary to meet your company goals

The Operating model type is chosen based on the business objectives. Your decision depends on the size and resources of your company. Also, it is based on the present and future data needs. See to the model types:

Decentralized and Centralized

Decentralized focus on data management, strategy and intelligence. Centralized on data within specific executive function


Provides central authority for managing business groups across the company.

Benefits of Data Analytics for Small Businesses

Data Analytics has numerous benefits, not only for Small Businesses, but also for the Well-Established Firms. The application of Data can change the future of an organization.  

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    Precise Tracking

    Data Analytics and Business Intelligence can help you Precisely Track potential audiences and track what they’re looking for.

    Excellent Decision Making

    An intelligent decision makes the future of the business Loaded with a clear understanding of the targeted customers and their performance.

    Enhanced Efficiency

    Data Analytics makes it possible for the business to streamline many processes and enhance efficiency by reducing costs.

    Seamless Customer Experience

    All Data is stored in a single central location and allows your team to access it quickly.

    Reduce Risk Possibilities

    We possess a Data Analytics tool that enables business to predict the error possibility early and try to avoid.

    Compete with big business

    Our expertise helps you access large data. You need to use it effectively to move forward in competition by building better services.

    Creative Support Service

    At TBA creative support services, we talk only creativity.

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    Full-Service Data Analytics and Strategies for More Effective

    Data enables business to research deeply choose to market their products with effective strategies. Professionals who can be benefitted with Data Analytics skills are listed below:

    Our Goal

    We focus on strategies that enable you to take data driven decisions

    There are effective strategies that enables to stand ahead in the market. Choose the best based on your business requirements. While choosing your tools and technology based on business needs, they form integrated pieces of Data. Take look at the following factors that compose the technology:

    Relevance and Accessibility

    Relevancy focuses on targeting the audience who meets the needs. Consider a tool that enables access for everyone in Company to make decisions.


    Consider technologies that help to increase the speed of the Data Transformation Process.

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    Destined Your Data’s Capability with Our Data Analytics Services

    A steady stream of business insights can help you make better business decisions. Still, many businesses, statistically speaking, 50% of businesses are unclear of their Data, and struggle with Data complexities.
    However, the real problem starts if your organization’s Data is of low quality or fragmented into pieces, and it can’t be mobilized. In that case, you have the additional task to reimagine existing processes to ensure Data transparency and accessibility. This process can maximize your technology as well as investments.
    Our Data Analytics Consulting for Small Businesses and Business Analytics can determine your organizations’ growth and enables to use cases that can help you achieve your business priorities and develop innovative solutions using the best technology for your requirements. This will help to boost your business performance and growth for forthcoming years.
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    Our Spotlight on Data Analytics in Business

    Marketing Data Analytics

    We leverage our Marketing Initiatives by thinking beyond the effectiveness of the Marketing activities. As a fundamental step, we understand the competitors’ behaviors and examine the latest channels and innovative technologies to leverage. As a leading Marketing Data Analytics Consulting Firm for small business, we bring together the best of Market Research and Marketing Analytics to measure, optimize and innovate, helping companies accelerate growth. Predict the effectiveness of Marketing spends and ROI. Understand Market Trends and Consumer Persona with crucial insights generated from Social Media Data. By creating and improving multi-channel attribution models, you can identify the Marketing Channels that are the most successful.

    Customer Analytics

    Texas Business Analytics, a leading Customer Data Analytics Firm for Small Businesses, helps businesses access their customers’ journey and utilize innovative solutions to calibrate offers and improve Marketing initiatives.
    • As one of the leading Data Analytics Companies in Austin, Texas, we help in retain customers, improving productivity and profitability.
    • Boost Customer Engagement with your Company offers and improve ROIs.

    Sales Analytics

    Our Data Analytics Services help your Sales Team boost their performance and turn into an efficient selling machine. With our Robust Research and Analytics Expertise, you can track all Sales Activities that enhance conversions, and growth opportunities that leverage your Sales Team.
    • Maximize Productivity by Analyzing Performance of the Sales Team and Designing more effective Strategies.
    • Boost Sales Costs by measuring the performance of your Sales Team.
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    50% of Businesses Unclear of their Data & AI Needs. We provide effective Data Analytics Solution for their Initiatives.
    Web Design 95%
    Creative Content 88%
    Graphic Design 92%
    Creative Advertising 80%
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Let TBA provide more insights.
    Data Analytics helps in making business conclusions by using strategies via Algorithms and Technological Processes.
    Businesses should prepare to use Analytics as a regular business function. Businesses start using a variety of Strategic and General business decisions once they begin to understand.
    It includes analysis of customer behavior and buying patterns, tracking sales, streamlining processes and operations.
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