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Know About Categories of Cloud Testing that Ensures Product Quality

In Cloud Automation Testing, the primary goal is to minimize human error, reduce cost, and make regressive tests easy.  
Testing of the Whole Cloud

In this Cloud Testing Service, the whole Cloud is considered as an entity, and the Cloud features determine the testing process.

Testing Within a Cloud

This is a Specific Cloud-based Testing that evaluates the internal features of the Cloud and resolves the particular IT infrastructure.

Testing Across the Cloud

Different types of Clouds are considered for this Cloud Testing Service. It can be Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud Type.

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Components Involved in Cloud Testing Platform

Core Component Cloud Testing is vital. Application, Network, and Infrastructure Testing processes are standard in the Cloud environment.  

Application Testing

The Application Cloud Testing Process concentrates on app functionalities, overall business workflows, browser compatibility, and data security.  

Network Testing

Network-based Cloud Testing Services focus on data transfer through various networks, network protocols, and bandwidth.  

Infrastructure Testing

Infrastructure-based Cloud Automation Testing implements the Complete Evaluation of Storage, Secure Connections, and Backups.

Features of Cloud Testing

Multi-Tenancy with Parallelization

The single Cloud-based Test will run across multiple IT resources and access the comprehensive Data and IT Infrastructure.

Test-Driven Implementation

A quality application with Digital and Cloud Testing formulates design, robustness, and first-quality functionalities.

Faster Execution with a Reduced Cost

During the Cloud Testing Process, where the single run across multiple IT resource segments facilitates the overall turnaround test that reduces the testing cost.


Our Solutions

Build your Efficient Product by Integrating with our Cloud Testing Services

Integrate with Cloud services like no additional scripting and minimizes test automation effort by 20% through pre-defined generic test scripts. 

Our Focus

Understand the Focus of Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing enable to get the maximum performance by using a cost-effective testing application. This produces load tests from multiple users at different locations. This testing ensures the stability of Cloud infrastructures at high loads.

Supports a Variety of End-to-End Testing

Combine the power of functional test automation, performance testing and security testing.

Integrates with Delivery Tools

Facilitate Continuous Integration (Jenkins, TFS, JMeter, ZAP etc.)

Functionality of Different Cloud Testing Types

Cloud Automation Testing enables enterprises and industries to ensure timely delivery in the overall process. Some more areas are combined to offer extensive Testing Performance.

    Our Channel

    Functional Testing

    We ensure that the Software feature and Functionality Test work based on requirements, which can be both internet and non-internet purpose.

    Non-Functional Testing

    Checking the system's readiness, even in Non-functional parameters, is essential to improve the Company’s performance.

    Ability Testing 

    Ability Testing cross-checks whether the user can receive and access the application service in the Cloud Environment.

    Stress Testing

    Cloud Testing service providers check if any application does not work properly. Also, measures the stability during excessive load and pressure environments.

    Browser Performance Testing

    By using various Cloud Testing tools, the Software is tested across multiple Browsers.

    Latency Testing

    This testing evaluates the time between the action and its corresponding response analysis at the time of deployment.

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    At TBA creative support services, we talk only creativity.

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    Learn About the Strategies Used to Craft Cloud Testing

    Cloud Testing offers several advantages such as scalability and innovation results. These strategies help to optimize Cloud Development.

    Why to Choose Us

    Our Cloud-based Testing Drives Digital Transformation and Improves Customer Experience

    Cloud computing enhances your business development. It enables to evaluate application capacity by running functional tests alongside load testing. Cloud testing allows web applications to use cloud computing environments that drive user traffic.

    Benefits of Cloud Testing

    With the help of cloud testing, our team experts can adapt, and personalize the infrastructure to function based on their desire.

    Cloud Accelerating Digital Platform

    Cloud testing improves the application quality and ensures that the digital efforts meet customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

    Start Your Cloud Test

    Cloud Testing Services Offered By TBA

    Proper and accurate software and IT resources Testing can help to discover the betterment of Product Delivery. Now all modern enterprises are shifting to leverage Cloud Technologies to meet the race in the competitive business market. To maintain a high profile with infrastructure cost requires the Cloud-based Testing methodology. 
    Improving product deliveries and easy-going maintenance to in-house Infrastructure is the Technical and sound area to handle with care. TBA’s Cloud Testing Platform is the ultimate destination for this risky process. TBA proposes complete techniques for Migrating Load Testing Software to the Cloud. We take the challenges of Cloud-based Testing to find the inbuilt performance of IT assets and resources. We follow all the bottlenecks to enhance your dynamic performance in a Cloud Environment.
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    Know About Cloud Automation Testing Platforms 

    Cloud Testing Service Providers show a new direction in Information Technology to deliver a Quality Cloud Testing Service to Computing Applications and Services. Different Cloud Systems and Software Applications require different methodologies in Cloud Testing. They are implementing Highly Automated Solutions to reduce multiple cycles in Cloud Testing Services. 

    The reason behind maximizing Automation is to scale economy and QA costs. The umbrella term of Cloud Computing includes multiple services. Among those Services, Cloud Testing is one of the emerging areas and is maturing day by day. That’s why the Cloud Automation Testing Platforms make the Test of Software Execution Agile. Checking that scalable environments and test suits are optimal, efficient, and high quality is the challenge to performing cost-effective and accurate Cloud Testing.

    Our Approach

    Our SaaS Testing Approach for Efficient Product Development

    We plan for specific requirements and create comprehensive test cases test that covers all aspects. Finally, execute your plan into action.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Refer to the questions provided for clear understanding.
    There is no fixed time limit for the Cloud Testing Process. It may end in 5- 8 minutes, it may take more than 5 hours for some other. It depends on the Software and Testing Platform.
    There are multiple approaches followed like Individual Testing, Performance Testing, Loading Testing, and Stress Testing to streamline the Software Process.
    Some of the tools used in Cloud Testing are Cloud testing are SOASTA CloudTest, Load Storm, AppPerfect  , Cloudsleuth , Nessus, Watir,  and Jenkins.
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