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Empowered Food Business With a Great Story & Emotions

brand of food industry

A brand belonging to the food industry wanted to increase brand awareness


High Competition

Despite people’s high affection for Google’s search & Internet Marketing 

No new food on menu

Not keeping up with the current trends of food & marketing

Customer Retention

Lack of business concepts & ideas to retain customers.


The marketing agency partnered with a food brand in the food industry to develop a comprehensive and integrated marketing campaign that leveraged a variety of channels, including social media, email marketing, and influencer partnerships.  

The Approach
The Strategy


A quirky and attractive short video used as a TVC, Social media reels, and Ad campaigns featuring their live food counter with a buffet serving food.
Straightforward & Impactful!

Key Accomplishments

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Increased Social Media Engagement

The agency created a social media strategy that leveraged engaging content and targeted advertising to reach new audiences and increase engagement.  

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Boosted Email Open and Click-Through Rates

The agency implemented a targeted email marketing campaign that used personalized messaging and eye-catching visuals to increase engagement and drive sales.   

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Launched Successful Influencer Partnerships

The agency secured partnerships with popular influencers in the consumer product space, resulting in increased brand exposure and credibility among target audiences.  

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Achieved a 15% Increase in Website Traffic

Through a combination of SEO optimization, targeted advertising, and content marketing, the agency successfully drove more traffic to a food brand in the food industry Inc. website, resulting in increased brand exposure and sales.  

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Generated a 20% increase in sales

The overall campaign resulted in a 20% increase in sales for a food brand in the food industry, demonstrating the integrated approach’s effectiveness and the agency’s expertise in driving results.  


The Outcomes

On Google

Moved google ranking to the first page results through solid SEO strategy & analytics.

On People

We increased brand awareness by 115% through email campaigns & social media.

On YouTube

Generated over 1 million YouTube views in the first week of the commercial's release.

On Society

Created a strong top-of-mind base for the brand through Guerilla Marketing.

On Instagram

Through the effective plan, observed an huge engagement on Instagram of 110 percent.

On Revenue

Finally, our digital strategy boosted sales by107% as a peak for the brand.


The brand of the food industry has made a comprehensive and integrated approach. Achieve its business objectives and drive significant growth in a highly competitive market. TBA’s expertise in leveraging a variety of channels and creating engaging content helped increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate significant sales growth.  

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