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    Mobile Marketing Agency

    The mobile channel continues to grow, and we see new platforms and channels every day. There is no reason to ignore the possibility of reaching smartphone users since they outnumber PC users in numbers. It is easier to reach the target audience whenever and wherever they are with mobile marketing than with traditional banner ads, which are easily missed on smartphones, making it easier to reach the target audience whenever and wherever they are. Mobile marketing offers a wide range of opportunities for interacting with users on a more personal level.  

    Mobile Marketing Strategy
    Website & Competitor Anlaysis

    Nowadays, we can target a much more specific audience based on age, gender, and location, as well as interest and browsing data regarding mobile devices and other variables that allow us to reach a specific audience segment based on a person’s characteristics. Experts in developing websites, our implementation is personalized for each client. As a leading mobile marketing professional team, we can manage your entire mobile campaign from strategy outline, audience profiling, campaign design, and development, right through to delivery and reporting. 

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      Who We Are

      Putting The Mobile Experience First

      Targeting On The Advanced Level

      Campaigns via SMS

      Advertisements On Mobile Devices

      Our mobile-friendly websites and ads can meet all your mobile marketing needs. Using our services, you can enhance your SEO while simultaneously attracting and engaging potential customers. 

      We can better target our customers through mobile marketing and geo-targeting methods. Customers near your store can be targeted with our services, improving local SEO, retargeting customers, and more. You can rely on us to build a mobile strategy and solution tailored to your company's requirements. 

      Marketing with Short Message Service (SMS) is a low-cost, highly effective way of distributing content and messages to your customers. SMS campaigns are a great way to reach more people, grow your business, as well as save you money.

      Utilize major search engines like Google to create mobile search ads. Contact us for mobile ad management services. Get more sales, traffic, and conversions with mobile advertising. Our team can generate real results from mobile site links and click-to-call extensions when used in conjunction with mobile ads. 

      Do you want to know more?

      Your goal is to reach more people, so you should target those channels. Review these stats if you’re unsure

      • The use of smartphones has increased 88 percent since last year.
      • Mobile devices account for 70 percent of visits 
      • In 2020, mobile advertising will be worth $247 billion globally.
      • Conversion rates for mobile marketing are growing while traditional marketing is declining. 

       Different Formats Of Mobile Marketing

      Mobile marketing options offered by TBA include SMS, email marketing, push notifications, app-based marketing, QR codes, and location-based marketing. The main goal of our company is to provide information that your clients want at the right time when they need it. You can rely on us to handle everything, from devices to operating systems, to help you reach your target audience. 

      Various Opportunities

      The expert mobile marketing professionals at TBA will handle the entire process of a mobile marketing campaign, covering strategy, audience profiling, campaign design, and subsequent report generation and implementation. Our firm customizes a mobile marketing strategy based on your business needs. 

      Mobile marketing offers a wide range of opportunities for interacting with users on a more personal level. With today’s technology, we can target audiences by identifying not only their age, gender, or location only, companies can also examine their interests, mobile browsing habits, and other characteristics that allow us to target a specific audience segment in a custom profile. Mobile is taking the lead in creat new channels and platforms every day. Mobile is the future – don’t miss out! 

      Advertising your products or services is significant for the success of your business, as it is a means of attracting your customers and thereby increasing sales. There are several ways of advertising your business, such as through the Internet, newspapers, magazines, or television. Mobile marketing service is an innovative concept that involves promoting your company right on the mobile device of your potential customers. 

      Mobile Marketing Agency

      Strategies To Market Your Business

      Your business needs to advertise its products and services since advertising can help you attract customers and increase sales. The Internet, newspapers, magazines, and television are all ways to market your business. However, mobile marketing is a cutting-edge concept that allows you to advertise straight to potential customers on their mobile devices. 

      The number of smartphone users is much higher than that of PC users, so utilizing this channel makes sense. You can improve the user experience through mobile marketing beyond the conventional banner ad that’s easy to overlook on mobile devices, enhancing the chances of reaching the targeted audience anytime, anywhere. In mobile marketing, consumers receive information based on their location and time. The latest method of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is mobile marketing. 

      One of the most effective marketing tactics is mobile marketing, as it allows consumers to reach out to them in ways they might not otherwise reach through traditional advertising methods. The widespread use of mobile phones has allowed businesses to connect with their customers right at their fingertips, wherever they may be. To serve you well, we will analyze your market, find out what you need, and provide it to you. We provide the tools that let marketers use mobile marketing effectively. 

      Our Unique Approach

      Interacting with the users, TBA leverages mobile networks both local and global to provide avenues for users to achieve their informational goals. You can increase your mobile site’s potential for target seekers by driving qualified and measurable traffic to it. In keeping with advertisers’ business objectives, mobile ads are created and distributed in a range of formats, including mobile display, mobile text, and rich media within mobile applications. The content can be themed and visually related to your brand or a particular campaign. Our mobile marketing content and engagement model has a good reputation among our customers. Every campaign of yours is optimized and monitored for maximum recall. The content we generate is precise and meets the brand’s level of expectation, thus leading to higher conversions. 

      The Benefits Of Mobile Marketing Services

      Integrated Campaign Management

      You can promote your product by combining existing strategies with new advertising methods. Local ad extensions, mobile offers, app downloads, and more are just a few ways to support local SEO efforts. 

      Potential Virality

      It is now easier than ever for mobile marketers to share their messages, increasing their chances of being shared with others. If your video goes viral, you can reach an exponentially higher number of potential customers. 

      Payments Through Mobile Devices

      With popular Smartphone payment tools like ApplePay, PayPal, and credit card payment options, customers can safely and securely pay with their phones. Text messaging is a low-cost, high-return marketing procedure that uses short message services to distribute content to customers. Our experts can design an SMS campaign that engages your clients, grows your business, and reduces costs. 

      Mobile Marketing Strategy

      Results Measurement

      It’s easy to determine the return on investment with mobile marketing campaigns since they provide quantifiable metrics. You can track the results of your mobile campaigns by looking at download numbers, page visits, email signups, click-through rates, click-to-call rates, and mobile checkout rates, among other things. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      An example of mobile marketing is a multi-channel online marketing strategy that targets specific audiences through mobile phones, tablet computers, or other devices through websites, e-mail, SMS, MMS, social media, or mobile applications. 

      Mobile marketing is becoming essential for businesses as smartphones and tablets become increasingly popular. With our assistance, you can develop a mobile marketing plan tailored to your industry to reach a new audience and expand your brand. Communicating, promoting, and offering incentives to potential customers throughout the day, our mobile marketing solutions will help you gain a competitive advantage. 

      Our mobile marketing services will vary per project, thereby affecting the cost. 

      Every TBA client receives a quote tailored to their specific project needs and business requirements. 

      People use mobile devices as an essential device in their lives, making mobile marketing important. Due to the more widespread use of mobile marketing, it is more effective than older methods. If you don’t do mobile marketing, you’re better off not marketing at all. 

      TBA does not outsource any of its work. When working with a mobile marketing company, you should choose one that lets you speak directly with its mobile marketing team without any communication difficulties. 

      Here at TBA, you can be confident that those problems won’t arise, as we do all our work in North America. 

      In addition to this detail, TBA strives to provide all of its consumers with the most effective marketing services to help them reach their marketing goals and maximize their profits. 

      TBA affiliate management serves markets across the globe. 

      Using our proven mobile marketing services, our team of experts can help you truly maximize your business. Your brand can become more successful by accelerating the acquisition of new customers and enhancing revenue through targeted, ROI-driven affiliate marketing. 

      TBA does not provide services for brands within the gambling, porn, or pharmaceutical industries.