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    Measurable Search Engine Marketing Services: Improve Your Online Visibility and Traffic

    As a digital marketer, it’s hard to place your product/service at the top of search results for your audience among 3.5 billion searches every day. But, how about increasing your sales online, visibility, and traffic in a dime of dozen, a search engine? We are a search engine marketing agency doing this for decades. To reach your ideal customers, your business should implement some strategies like SEM marketing to drive better results in the digital landscape.   

    Stand ahead of your competition and experience exponential growth with our SEM advertising.

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      Reach Your Audience Instantly

      Reach your audience at an appropriate time when they need your product/service with an effective short-term ad strategy.  

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      Increase Website Traffic

      Acquire more traffic for your website with optimized search ads. Get your advertising strategy from our PPC experts to lead more traffic and conversions.

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      Geo-targeted Ads

      Target your audience as well as location to create paid ads with the advantage of SEM marketing. Make your ads efficient by targeting an effective location.   

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      Increased Conversion

      Reaching the relevant audience for business and ads are more crucial and complex in SEM ads. But, with our expertise, TBA utilizes advanced tools to find the relevant audience based on your business and ads’ objectives. In addition, we research high-accuracy keywords and search terms to make the ad campaign more effective. 

      Get ready to carry your ad campaigns and PPC advertising to the next level with our tactical campaign plans. We optimize your keywords and landing page based on search engine optimization and manage keyword bids regularly.  

      Every click costs! Let's minimize costs & maximize the conversions together.

      Acquire faster results and increased return on investment with consistent SEM ad campaigns. Get your right search engine marketing solutions to frequently generate new sales and conversions with current PPC marketing strategies.  

      Get your result-driven campaign plan for your business today. Talk with our experts.  

      How SEM Marketing Helps Businesses to Succeed Online

      Search Engine Marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies to improve your business’s online presence and visibility in search engines and drive more traffic and qualified leads. Search engines drive more than 300% more traffic than other social media platforms. So, building an organic presence with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial. Adding the paid strategy like Search Engine Marketing along with SEO with the absolute marketing strategies can create a powerful internet marketing strategy that packs a one-two punch.  

      At TBA, we provide a custom ad campaign for all businesses to increase revenue. Get your customized ad campaign that suits your business. Our SEM services not only dominate the organic results of search engine optimization but also expand brand exposure, visibility, and leads with paid ads. 

      PPC Marketing for Small Business

      What is Search Engine Marketing?

      According to statistics, 81 percent of consumers research online and spend an average of 79 days gathering information about specific products or services before buying. As a result, the majority of online users have a purchase intent. Take advantage of consumers’ behavior to connect your brand at the right time with high converting customers to increase your revenue.  

      SEM in digital marketing is the advertising strategy used to increase the visibility of websites in search results with paid ads and reach customers at every stage of the buying cycle.  

      Our SEM experts bid on high-performing keywords to optimize campaign performance and increase the quality score to bring more qualified leads to the ad campaign and landing pages.   

      Is Search Engine Marketing Essential to My Business?

      Absolutely yes. Whether you own a small business, large enterprise, or eCommerce, SEM marketing should be in your marketing strategy arsenic. Experts estimate that it takes 13 interactions with a brand before the user converts. Hence, high visibility with enhanced content is more crucial. SEM makes your brand more visible than any traditional advertising tactic.  

      Connect your extreme ideal audience segment with current campaign marketing strategies. In addition, through the SEM campaign, you can get greater campaign control by controlling the budget, brand messaging, and campaign score. In SEM, Google search advertising lets you control over call-to-action, audience targeting, and ad schedule to minimize your budget and maximize the revenue.   

      As compared with the traditional marketing method, SEM marketing makes your marketing investment more effective and offers the best return. SEM is cost-effective, and you have control over the money you spend. To make your investment less, our SEM agency refined targeting to reach people who are all interested in your product/service.   

      SEO and SEM: What’s the difference

      SEO and SEM are the most confusing acronyms in digital marketing. However, our digital marketing agency believes that a better understanding of marketing strategy delivers better results. Hence, we are responsible for helping you navigate a better understanding sphere of what Search Engine Marketing is and how it is classified from other internet marketing methods.   

      Search Engine Optimization

      SEO in digital marketing is the practice of enhancing a website’s structure and content for a search engine to appear on the search results to attract organic traffic and search ranking. 

      Search Engine Marketing

      SEM in digital marketing comprises both SEO and PPC. In PPC advertising, you can pay for each action on your ads you launch on social media, search engines, and websites to promote your brand awareness and offerings. However, in SEM, you pay to position your website or landing page at the top of SERP.   

      Still on the cluster choosing marketing strategies for your business growth? Unlike SEO, PPC and SEM are paid advertising models. PPC focuses on improving brand awareness and attracting a specific audience to your offering. On the other hand, search engine marketing has both SEO and PPC to deliver the best possibilities for businesses.   

      Get your winning SEM campaign with our SEM agency, and we develop a perfect marketing plan to grow your business aligned with your brand objectives. We create the most relevant ads to convince prospects to interact with your brand.

      Going Beyond SEM: Paid Ads with Texas Business Analytics

      Display Advertising

      Grab your ideal audience’s attention and convince them to take action. Display ads are made up of texts, images, and videos that appear on designated places of a website or social media platforms. Our PPC experts help you build strategic ads by encouraging visitors to complete an action.   

      Banner Ads

      Get your static and dynamic image-based ads to ensure your prospect’s attention on your brand and convince them to click through. Banner ads are image-based ads created to get page visitors to your website. Increase your brand impression with our strategic banner ads implementation 

      Interstitial Ads

      Engage your targeted customers with relevant content at a natural pause in the platform’s flow. Develop your full-screen interactive ads with our SEM agency to acquire more clicks and impressions by embedding your ads at the perfect time and place.   

      Search Engine Marketing Analytics

      Why Relay on TBA for Search Engine Marketing Services

      TBA understands both clients and their customers to establish a result-driven service. We develop marketing strategies for businesses with a deep dive into a business ecosystem to analyze. With a decade of experience in online marketing and the PPC search engine marketing realm, we help brands reach an audience and increase conversions with our synthesis of digital marketing and search engine marketing services.  

      How do we help businesses to acquire results with the advantage of SEM?

      Keyword Research

      As your search engine marketing provider, we conduct advanced keyword searching for ad campaigns at several factors. We categorize your keywords based on search volume, search intent, competition, cost-per-click, and your brand offering.

      Video Advertising

      Implement video advertising to furnish your goals. According to statistics, 72% of consumers prefer videos to text content to learn or search about the product/service. Drive your brand awareness, conversions, and engagement among your ideal customers with our YouTube advertising agency. Customize your ads based on user behavior, keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and meta tags to convey the brand message effectively.  

      Landing Page Conversions

      Convert your traffic into leads with TBA’s search engine marketing experts. We develop your landing page content with relevant keywords based on target personas and use powerful headlines and call-to-action that resonate with your ideal audience. Although a better connection with the audience drives better outcomes, we highly focus on positioning your landing page with strategic techniques to create an emotional connection.   

      eCommerce Advertising

      Develop your dynamic eCommerce advertising strategy with our expert SEM agency. Let us determine your strong value proposition and profit potential to upright your demand curve. Then, our SEM experts create a compelling ad copy for your business using data and analytics to enhance your targeting options to grow sales.

      Search Engine Optimization

      We implement SEO and PPC practices to secure your brand at the top of search results. Our SEM experts optimize your website’s structure, develop engaging content and enhance multiple online platforms to establish your brand authority and awareness. Get your end-to-end search engine optimization service to leverage your organic traffic and lead with revenue.   

      Search Engine Marketing Services

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Both SEO and SEM are internet marketing strategies used to enhance your business to the top of search results and bring in more users. Hence wisely decide the appropriate technique that is relevant to your business and budget.  

      Both SEO and SEM are used to propel a new height on SERPs. Instead of sticking to one marketing strategy, combine both organic and paid advertising services to achieve the best results.   

      Various individuals and businesses use search engines to research the product/service. SEM is a cost-effective marketing strategy compared with other traditional marketing techniques with a high possibility to connect your brand with high-converting customers.   

      One of the most significant advantages is tracking every stage of your ad campaign. For example, you can track impressions and clicks if your campaign objective generates awareness. If your objective is to measure brand performance, you can track click-through and conversion rates.

      SEM marketing campaign in digital marketing is the advertising strategy used to generate ads in search engines and websites to position the brand among top results. 

       It’s important to keep in mind while run a SEM campaign, determine the right audience and location, effective keywords, and optimized ad copy. A successful campaign needs proper research and strategy to bring a better result. 

      SEM keywords are terms used to target search engine marketing campaigns to reach the relevant audience. When users search for the keyword, they see your ads.