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    Search Engine Optimization For Businesses - Drive Traffic And Sales Organically

    Increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic from search engines with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Get the attention of your prospective and existing customers by increasing your visibility when people search for products and services related to your business. 

    Search Engine Optimization that works for your business

    Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website from search engines. SEO aims at increasing unpaid organic traffic rather than direct or paid traffic. 

    Search Engine Optimization Techniques

    Check your Website Audit

      People rely on search engines to find what they need. They are making purchasing decisions based on the information available online. So, ensuring your business is visible when your potential customers are searching for your products/services is crucial. 

      TBA’s Search Engine Optimization services are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of your business. If you are selling to a local customer base, we focus on location-based optimization.

      Custom SEO services at affordable prices

      Does your website appear at the top of the search results when your potential customers search for keywords related to your business? 

      If you are a small or medium-sized business, Search Engine Optimization can sound like a daunting task because of the sheer number of agencies that offer this service. 

      Here are some signs you need professional help with SEO,

      Custom Applications and Solutions for Business
      Mobile App Developers

      There are technical issues that prevent your website from being listed on search engine results. 

      Custom Applications and Solutions for Business
      Mobile App Developers

      Your website does not have much traffic 

      Custom Applications and Solutions for Business
      Mobile App Developers

      Your website traffic does not convert 

      Mobile App Developers

      Your website does not have much traffic 

      Custom Applications and Solutions for Business
      Mobile App Developers

      Your website is not responsive and loads slower 

      Custom Applications and Solutions for Business
      Mobile App Developers

      Your website is not secured with HTTPS encryption 

      Custom Applications and Solutions for Business
      Mobile App Developers

      You do not have a proper content strategy

      Custom Applications and Solutions for Business
      Mobile App Developers

      A technical issue that prevents top rank on search engines

      Mobile App Developers

      Your website does not have many backlinks or authority

      Search Engine Optimization Tools for Audit

      Every business we partner with has specific needs. We analyze the requirements to develop customized SEO strategies aligned with your business goals.  

      Why do you need an agency for SEO?

      • Raise the Search Engine Ranking of your website and webpages 
      • Increase organic traffic with optimized content. 
      • Keep up with the latest changes in search algorithms. 
      • Get opportunities to rank at the top search results based on keyword research. 
      • Earn links to your web pages or blog from other websites. 
      • Increase the number of returning visitors by providing a better browsing experience. 
      • Avoid your content from being stolen by others. 
      • Avoid generating harmful backlinks that will affect the authority and credibility of your website. 

      Our marketing funnel-oriented SEO process and strategy

      Our SEO team tries to analyze your business and audience to understand the various stages of awareness of the customer. Based on the stages of awareness, we can create strategies that meet the specific requirements of each stage of the funnel.  

      In this digital era, your customers are more informed than ever. The power in marketing has shifted from the sales person to the customer. Pushy sales tactics are no longer effective.  

      To be successful in sales in this informational era, your marketing tactics should focus on helping your customer to make a choice rather than selling. You need to understand who your customer is and the journey they take for purchase. 

      Buyer’s journey

      A buyer goes through a process that involves different stages of intent before making a purchase. They become aware of, consider & compare and decide on a product or service. Understanding the different stages of this journey and the pain points of each stage is essential for empathizing with the customer.  The buyer’s journey has three stages, 
      1. Awareness stage: Becoming aware of the problem 
      2. Consideration stage: Defining the issues and considering options for solution. 
      3. Decision stage: Deciding on the right solution or provider. 

      SEO process

      Our SEO experts follow a seven-step process to identify opportunities and implement SEO strategies that drive more organic traffic to your website. 




      On-page SEO implementation

      Technical SEO



      Business, competitors, and market research to understand the current state. Keyword research and target audience analysis to identify goals suited for your business needs. 

      We do in-depth competitor analysis, site & server analysis, and analyze multiple on-site SEO factors. 

      Writing content, building links, posting content on social media, and technical SEO implementation based on the goals identified during the research process.  

      Content that converts potential customers into paying customers by offering value to them. 

      Optimizing your site performance, design, and content can enhance the user experience

      Ensuring your business website meets all the technical requirements of search engines. Website architecture and crawling are crucial elements of technical SEO.  

      Measure the impact of SEO elements on traffic, audience, and performance.  

      Monitoring the website performance and troubleshooting issues. Updating the strategy based on the current trends

      How can TBA’s managed SEO service help your business generate increased traffic?

      SEO audit

      A site audit is a comprehensive evaluation process to identify your site search-friendly features. The main goal is to determine which aspects of a website may prevent that page from appearing on the search engine results page (SERP).   

      It is one of the most complicated aspects of SEO that requires intensive data research and drawing conclusions based on the data. SEO audit evaluates all the aspects of a website related to search engines like content, technical SEO, links, and more. 

      To improve SEO potential, here are some technical aspects of a website you can optimize

      • Site performance – page loading speed, user experience, mobile access.  
      • Link structure and distribution, Pagerank distribution, internal links, internal linking issues.  
      • Security – HTTPS status  
      • International & Local SEO – Using proper tags to provide the best versions for the right audience.  
      Seo Services for Small Business

      Keyword Research

      Keyword Research is a process of researching popular search terms your potential customers are using to find businesses or services like you on search engines. You can choose a topic for your content based directly on keywords that you want to get high positions on search results.  

      Understanding buyer personas and buyer journeys are crucial for choosing keyword targets. Each customer has a different experience, so knowing their intentions, demographics, and goals can help you create.  

      Content creation

      Providing high-quality content is one of the most efficient ways to attract clients and revenue. You can use content to spread awareness about your products/services and encourage potential customers to purchase.  

      In recent generations, adults watch multiple hours a day watching online content. Consumers typically view online reviews and compare products before making a purchase. Trustworthy and engaging content is one of the crucial ways to build an online reputation.  

      On-page optimization

      On-page SEO is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, on-page SEO refers to optimizing the website elements like page speed, content, responsive design, and multimedia.   

      On-page SEO includes all the strategies you use on the website. URL optimization, Title and meta tag optimization, Site speed optimization, Keyword optimization, Internal linking, and more.  

      Google and other search engines try to provide the best search experience possible to their users. It means understanding the intent behind the specific search query. They try their best to upgrade their algorithms to ensure that the user will get the best results for their search.  

      A proper On-page SEO strategy takes user intent into account and increases the chances of ranking high on the search results using keyword optimization, title, and meta tag optimization.  

      How to select the SEO service provider suitable for your business?

      Selecting the best SEO agency is critical because SEO is a long-term process. SEO strategies should be aligned with business goals by a team that understands what you want to accomplish.    


      Being transparent about strategies and results is one of the qualities you can look for from us. SEO management service providers who are up-front about the prices and the results you can expect are more trustworthy than teams who will offer vague promises.


      As simple as it sounds, communication is one of the hurdles that may affect your team and the agency from working together efficiently. Other than sending regular reports about the number of visitors to your website, an SEO agency should listen to your business goals and ensure that you understand the various data represented in analytics reports.

      Best ROI Driven SEO Company

      Project management

      A company capable of managing projects will have tools to monitor progress. Some aspects of SEO involve collaboration between several departments. SEO agencies with good project management tools can handle the tasks more efficiently and stay updated in real-time progress.  

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Our SEO management service entails fully managed Search Engine Optimization from SEO audit to link building. Based on the specific needs of your business, we create SEO and content strategies that can provide the best results with maximum efficiency.  

      Small and growing businesses are at a crucial stage of development. Generating enough leads to ensure sustained growth is one of the toughest challenges businesses face. We help our affiliates generate new leads by driving more traffic to their websites. Our SEO audit and competitor analysis will help us understand your requirements. The development of effective strategies facilitates step-by-step progress based on realistic short-term goals. At the same time, we have our eye on our long-term goals.  

      Keyword refers to the search queries consumers use on search engines. Search engines provide relevant results related to the keyword with the best value for the user. Keyword research aims to identify the most used keywords related to the business and user intent to understand the consumer. With keyword research, you can decide which topics and headlines.