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    Social Media Marketing Services

    A Unique Brand Voice Across All Platforms

    Nearly 4 billion people are using social media marketing platforms. On average, people have been using at least eight different social media accounts. Does your business and brand awareness reach your customers in the social media storm?

    At Texas Business Analytics, our social media services provide an efficient way for businesses to improve website traffic and grow brand awareness across social media to reach more customers. We are a social media marketing agency with a unique strategy for each business. Contact us to have your social media management company plans to boost your brand integrity.

    Social Media Marketing Agency
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      Brand Awareness

      Strong brand awareness on online platforms to increase followers.

      Info Graphics
      Website Exposure

      Strategic advertising campaigns to increase website traffic and conversions.

      Business Strategy
      Consistent Relationships

      Strong engagement to create a stronger relationship with customers.

      Focus on your Brand Exposure

      Social Media Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

      Audience Targeting
      Online Exposure
      Brand Control
      No matter how engaging and valuable the content, it won't bring conversion unless it reaches the right audience. So how do you find your ideal audience? No worries, we'll handle it. Our social media marketing experts analyze your social media marketing platform and niche market to determine your targeted audience users' behavior to craft content that connects them to your brand and makes them move to the bottom of your sales funnel.
      Generate more social engagements and social signals like shares and likes and interact with a wide range of online communities with our social media marketing services. Utilize powerful marketing resources to share your brand awareness and improve your sales with TBA.
      Our social media marketing services are tailored to your specific needs and budget. We let you control your branding and financial capacity with our effective marketing strategy. Moreover, our social media management agency enables you to maintain a brand image that appeals to your audience.

      Basics of Social Media Marketing for Business

      Nowadays, the way of social media use has changed a lot. Initially, social media served to help people socialize online and communicate with family and friends. However, social media channels have become an enormous source of information and news in this digital world. Moreover, it builds an opportunity for businesses and consumers to connect.

      Socia Media Marketing
      In the highly progressive people in social media, business owners should clearly understand how social media works, reach potential customers and create brand awareness. Besides, social media is the practical option for your business to instantly connect you with your targeted audience and change them into your customers. To utilize the advantage of social media channels, our social media marketing campaign experts explain the advantages and different aspects of B2B and B2C social media marketing to help you start your strategic campaigns.

      What are the Social Media Marketing Services Used in Business?

      Social media marketing utilizes digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest to improve brand recognition, grab audience attention, and connect the brand with a broader audience to improve sales.

      Social media marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs can hugely benefit from carrying their brands to platforms where their targeted customers are already scrolling. Therefore, a strategic SMM plan can bring effective results and turn visitors into customers. Moreover, an effective social media marketing plan positively influences your website search engine optimization digital marketing.

      Importance of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

      Many business owners still have a dilemma that SMM Plan will leverage business sales into the next step or not. Is social media marketing effective? Just imagine the statistics of social media users count, as we said earlier. In upgrading the social media rate, you are bound to find a percentage of your audience.

      Social media marketing lets you present your social media content or advertise to an audience where people are already spending their time on corresponding platforms. social media advertising strategy can give your business exposure to a wide range of people along with your targeted customers.

      What Is the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing?

      When creating a marketing strategy, digital marketing and social media can be confused. Digital marketing is an encompassing term that comprises sales, income, visibility, client trust, and generating profits online and offline. On the other hand, social media marketing is considered one of the components of digital marketing. It focuses solely on marketing strategies distributed across social channels. Now is the time to select the right social media advertising agency.

      The Crucial Components of Online Marketing - Digital and Social Media Marketing

      Digital marketing and social media marketing are the crucial components for a business to succeed in online marketing. Although social media and digital marketing strategies vary, the objective of both approaches shares the same goals: to create brand awareness and increase revenue flow.

      Combined digital marketing and social media marketing can let businesses maximize available customers and conversion rates. Social media digital marketing allows a small business to showcase a brand to ideal customers at the moment exactly they are ready to convert.

      Digital success depends on choosing the right strategy for your business, not on choosing a digital marketing or social media advertising agency. Combining digital and social media marketing strategies is practical to find the right customers and your social media presence. Ensure that your business objectives match social media digital marketing techniques.

      Benefits of Social Media Marketing

      Social media marketing is essential for a business to grow, even for a startup or established brand. You can improve your business in various ways. With a strategic marketing campaign plan and optimized social media content, you can increase search traffic and healthier engagement with customers. Still on the oscillation mind of investing in social media marketing? To make an informed decision, one must first consider the other significant advantages of social media marketing for business growth.
      Right Audience Targeting

      One of the most significant advantages of social media marketing campaign is that it brings the whole business into social media platforms. With an effective campaign plan, you can target your specific audience group to advertise and deliver your product/service. Furthermore, even if you create content that engages users, it is effective if it fails to reach the right audience. Focus on the right audience with our social media marketing strategy. Have a call with our social media marketing specialists to get your campaign plan.

      Social Media Marketing Agency
      Easy Customer Access

      A strong relationship with customers can leverage your business. Social media marketing campaign plays a vital role in creating direct access to customers for businesses. Rather than going to other channels, companies can connect directly with their customers if they have any product or service via social media platforms.

      Increase SEO Ranking

      Social media marketing is a source of service which enhances other marketing services and vice versa. With effective keywords on social media content, you can improve your SEO rating on search engines. The more backlinks received to the website from social media from people sharing the content; search engines place the website on the top.

      Increased ROI

      The best benefits of all! You can maximize your ROI with an effective social media marketing strategy. It is possible to guarantee that your followers will turn into customers with social media management. You can also increase conversion rates by targeting specific audiences and building an online presence consistently with social media marketing strategies. But do make all the efforts on your side. We are experts at that. Our social media consultants can help you to achieve maximum ROI.

      Is Online Presence on social media Important to Your Business?

      If you want to carry your product/service across all online channels, you need a website. Being active on social media channels increases brand awareness and establishes brand trust among targeted audiences. The statistics value explained below

      Facebook Marketing

      According to the statistics, 74% of Facebook users check their accounts every day, and 66% of users like to follow a brand on their social media platforms. Furnish your high level of customer support and steer traffic to your website with our social media marketing company. Our B2C and B2B social media marketing allow you to determine your marketing budget with the assistance of our specialists. Our Facebook marketing includes Optimizing your Facebook profile and regular ad post optimization to improve your brand awareness and establish your brand authority on Facebook.

      Twitter Marketing
      77% of Twitter users feel more optimistic about a specific brand when their tweet replies. Generate a more positive reputation for your brand with our Twitter advertising. As your dedicated social media marketing agency, we customized to provide the proper analytics with our tracking tools. Moreover, 53% of users purchased the products they first discovered on Twitter. Dominate your product/service on Twitter with effective strategies. We identify a targeted audience to create Twitter marketing strategies to generate more traffic. Connect with our marketing team to get a plan of action for your business.
      Social Media Marketing Agency
      Instagram Marketing

      90% of Instagram users follow the brands on Instagram, which translates to IG users interacting with a brand they like. Utilize the advantage of Instagram social marketing to build a community around your brand to connect with more customers. Our social media advertising strategies let businesses enhance their profiles, launch personalized ads, and share dynamic posts with optimized content to share their brand story. In addition, we are a social media management company that provides analytics and marketing strategies to leverage your advertising to the next level.

      LinkedIn Marketing

      Ninety million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers, and over 63 million are in decision positions. Get a professional reputation for your brand with our LinkedIn marketing agency. We provide a unique marketing strategy to stand out from the competition. We manage your LinkedIn company page with valuable marketing posts to help you connect with top executives.

      YouTube Marketing
      90% of online shoppers find a product through YouTube advertising videos. You can use our professional social media marketers to plan your ads on YouTube to capture your customers’ attention and motivate them to act. Choose TBA as your social media digital marketing agency to create YouTube marketing video content for your ideal customers to convert.
      Pinterest Marketing
      83% of pinners purchase products based on the content they saw from the brand. Present your product/service with content that converts the users. Our Pinterest marketing agency experts ensure that every pin is appropriately categorized, with image content and keyword-optimized descriptions. In addition, we provide transparent analytic reports of your campaign to determine performance.

      Our Social Media Marketing Expertise

      TBA focuses on each step of social media marketing. The goal is not just to follow in the steps of your campaign. Instead, our detailed market research and strategic planning will help businesses fulfil their online marketing needs. Our transparent process on each step will create better knowledge of our strategic service to clients to provide a maximum ROI.

      Partner with Our Social Media Management Agency to Gain the Following Benefits

      1. Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

      Understanding your business goals and needs is our top priority. Our team of social media experts assigns a dedicated team to understand your needs. Our expert team provides you with current marketing strategies and suitable social media platforms for your business to start advertising.

      2. The Right Strategy for Your Business

      At TBA, we believe the success of an organization depends on its strategy. Our social media marketing company develop your social media campaigns using rigorous research and marketing strategies. In the beginning, we will create a buyer persona and analyze our competitors. Then, our advertising strategy and funnel campaigns can create a roadmap to success.

      3. Expertise Team for Better Results

      TBA has experience in delivering the best social media marketing services for businesses of all cadres. Our social media services specialists are constantly updated with the current market trend to execute a strategy that works for the business. As a leading social media marketing company, we give your brand a solid reputation and social media presence. You will be able to communicate with our social media experts daily via phone call or email convenient for both of us.

      4. Growth Optimization and Increased ROI

      We consistently monitor all social media activities, including comments and reviews, to respond. Furthermore, we will use organic tactics to grow your brand among your customers. We analyze your ad campaigns to ensure the conversions and traffic rate. In addition, we committed to providing an analytical report for your campaigns, landing page test, and relevance keywords are effective.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do I need social media to account for business?

      Social media marketing is one of the great ways to optimize your reach and establish an extending potential customer base. Brand credibility is achievable with the social media marketing agency of Austin, Texas.

      How do I measure ROI in social media?

      ROI is measured through lead generation, customer acquisition, clicks, contest entries, filled-out contact forms, newsletter signups, social interactions, PDF downloads, video views, and online revenue. To know more about ROI, contact the best social media marketing services for businesses.

      What is the difference between an ad and a post on social media?

      An ad is a paid promotion where the content is tailored to a specific audience. A post on social media is a free promotion where the content is tailored to the public. Whatever your marketing requirements, contact our affordable social media marketing company for small businesses.

      What does your social media marketing agency services include?

      Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn marketing, YouTube marketing, and Pinterest marketing are the social media services included in our package.

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