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    UI/UX design: Design a great experience for your users on the web and mobile platforms

    TBA helps SaaS companies overcome product design challenges, Every Single Day.  Good User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX ) are crucial for engaging users on a website. It helps the brands interact more creatively with their existing and potential customers and solve their queries.  

    Design, prototyping, product validation, and UI Design services are the steps TBA takes to make sure users enjoy using our applications.  Talk to our expert designer.  

    TBA has a vast experience in UI/UX designing for both B2B, B2C, and eCommerce Apps and websites.  Our UI designs make complex products easy to use.  

    We apply proven approaches to design, prototyping, product validation and offer UI design services to create applications that users enjoy. Turn to us to take your business forward and open new markets for your products with our digital solutions.    

    UI UX Design Services
    UI UX Design

    UI and UX experts at TBA seamlessly integrate into the software development process to ensure that clients get convenient and intuitive digital products. Our company provides UI/UX design services for web, iOS, and Android applications, including VR and AR implementations. We follow modern trends and work with the development team to design the most effective solutions.  

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      How we work

      TBA UX & UI team ensures that project objectives are met for any project, whether it’s an app from scratch or an upgrade to an existing interface. Our multi-year experience in UI and UX services enables us to choose the most effective tools and techniques for each project. Our designers design your product quickly and efficiently. If you don’t have the design system, we can help you establish it so you could scale to multiple platforms maintaining brand consistency and keeping costs down.  

      We also provide UI/UX design services to SaaS websites that acquire customers.  

      UI/UX design Services

      Our UI/ UX designers deliver the best user experience and user interface for the customers with the standard graphic designs built from scratch. Our services also extend to improving the existing UI/UX website design to scaleup multiple platforms at low cost and with brand consistency.  

      Trust us. Our design ensures that the end-user experience of your application is intuitive, engaging, and aesthetic.  

      Website UI/UX designs

      TBA specializes in delivering simple solutions to complex algorithms. Our expert design interfaces for disruptive web applications as well as user experience (UX) services. Based on best practices in usability, compatibility, and accessibility, we will help you crystallize a myriad of user flows into a product with a convenient, user-friendly, and intuitive UI/ UX.  

      Mobile UI/ UX design

      Creating a Favorable user experience in a mobile application faces challenges to balance the standard designs, uniqueness, and authenticity of the app. TBA experts apply their years of experience to instantly create designs for Android and iOS platforms for smarter smartphones. 

      Data Visualization

      Measurable information from the texts and figures is converted into infographics, dashboards, and charts for the unique needs of the clients. Get laconic intuitive dashboards from our UI/UX designers for your complex segmented pieces of information. Ensure data visualization in sophisticated dashboard designs for multiple user groups. TBA delivers a visually engaging and intuitive dashboard for miscellaneous and complicated data sets.  

      User Research

      The Core part of the UX development process is User Research. We try to understand the user needs, how they will use the product, and what are their expectations through surveys, questionnaires, deep user interviews, and guerilla UX testing followed by Analytics Review.  


      UX strategy visualization is the wireframes. Wireframes provide a detailed understanding of each page’s elements and their relationships. It aligns the stakeholder’s idea and tests the feasibility of the concept with the user and analyses the technical capabilities of the product.  

      Data-Driven Design

      We collect data and adjust user flows, set up analytics tools, and define your performance metrics according to the KPIs.  

      Let your digital product evolve based on actual data, not just guesswork.  

      Ui Ux Design Agency

      UI/UX consulting Services

      UI & UX Consulting focuses on enhancing the users’ experience by considering business objectives, qualitative and quantitative data, users’ perspectives, and the UX consultant’s domain expertise.  

      TBA’s decade experience in UI/UX designs, in-depth understanding of the unique needs of different business domains, auditing experience, and best practices roadmap has enabled us to create a vivid user experience, markup, and classy visual graphics for all digital products.  

      TBA creates web applications following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  

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