Managed cloud services

Our Team of Experts will take care of everything for you, from set-up to ongoing maintenance.
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Your Most Reliable Managed Cloud Company

TBA is introducing the industry’s most Reliable and Secure Managed Cloud Services. Our Platform is Designed to help you quickly manage your business, so you can focus on what’s important.
Custom Managed Cloud Solutions

Custom build, configuration, and deployment timelines tailored to meet specific client needs while incorporating our best practices.

Integrated System

On-demand integrated suite of managed and security services delivered with our Managed Cloud Solutions platform, automation, and integrated support processes.

Round the Clock Service

Our managed cloud solutions delivery team provides 24-hour support and incident resolution by integrating the right system to your system.

Our Cloud Services

How TBA’ Managed Cloud Service Can Improve Your Overall Business Performance

We can scale your business performance capacity to match your particular demands and help you reach your objectives, as we have no limitations on our managed cloud services.

Reduce Operational Risk

Operational Risks that may occur during the implementation and execution of the Cloud Managed Services as expert team of TBA takes care of the operations more effectively.

Protection Against Data Loss

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, Tools for Protection against Data loss and disorders, Monitoring and Managing the Performance and Availability of Cloud-based Systems and Identifying issues that affect the operations are provided through Managed Cloud Services by TBA.

Infrastructure Set Up

Infrastructure Set Up and Management is a part of Managed Cloud Services. Provisioning and Configuring Servers, Storage, Networking, and Other Infrastructure Components to support the operation of Cloud-based Applications and Services is a part of TBA Cloud Services.

We Understand Your Business Well Like Our Own

Professional Service

With a regularly updated procedures, a dedicated team, and innovative methods for application and administration, TBA managed cloud services provide excellent solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Our managed cloud services are tailored to your business needs. Our managed cloud service provides prompt services and support to customers with the right resources and tools.

Complete Research

We use thorough research and analysis to create the best strategies for your cloud services. We deliver results and recommendations for each technology.

TBA Managed Cloud Service

Your Operations Need to be More Cloud Centric

We provide a full range of cloud services to help you maximize the value of your investment. We understand that the cloud is more than just a technology, so our solutions include the workforce and culture changes required for long-term success.
TBA Managed Cloud Services

Shift Your Focus but Without Getting Distracted with TBA Managed Cloud Solutions

Increase growth and innovation by shifting the focus to the cloud to getting valued business transformation.

Flexibility and Customization

The Expert Team tailors your services as per your organization's specific needs. We integrate new Applications and Services into the existing infrastructure.


TBA Scales your Cloud Infrastructure to meet organizations' changing needs. We support the growth with additional resources.

Is Your Cloud Solution Facing Frequent Downtime?

Request a professional consultation with our experts if you are waiting to build a plan, migrate to the cloud, receive managed services, and protect your apps and infrastructure.

    Our Channel

    Cloud Deployment

    Manage and Deploy applications in the Cloud. Save Time and Resources that would otherwise be spent on maintaining and updating on-premises infrastructure. Allow businesses to add or remove Resources for changing demands. We ensure applications are available through out to users through Managed Cloud Deployment Services.

    Cloud Security
    Cloud Security

    Help Businesses and Organizations protect their Data and Systems on the Cloud. Cloud Security Services reduce vulnerability and cover a range of Security measures like access control, encryption, and intrusion prevention and detection. Comply with relevant laws and regulations while handling sensitive and personal Data. Cloud Security Services ensure the Security and Integrity of Data and Systems on the Cloud.

    Cloud Monitoring and Reporting

    Get Real-time visibility into the performance and availability of Cloud-based Applications and Services. Identify and address any issues that affect the performance of the system. Deliver valuable insights into the usage and behavior of Managed Cloud Systems.

    Cloud Migration Services
    Cloud Migration Services

    Help Businesses and organizations move their Applications and Data from on-premises to the Cloud using Cloud Migration Services. The benefits of Cloud Migration Services to businesses and organizations are increased agility, lower costs, improved security, and increased efficiency. Companies can quickly spin up new Applications and Services and keep up with customers and the industry's rapidly changing needs. Using TBA's Cloud Migration Services can lead to significant cost savings and help your business go green. Most important of all, Cloud Security is managed by us robotically. Expert guidance and support throughout the Migration process are provided to avoid common pitfalls.

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Managed Cloud Services typically include Backup and Disaster Recovery capabilities to protect against Data loss and other disruptions. Our services involve regularly Backing up Data and Applications to secure offsite locations and restore the Data in the event of a Disaster or other disruption. Backup and Disaster Recovery capabilities provided by Managed Cloud Services can help businesses and organizations to protect their Data & Systems and ensure the continuity of operations.

    Network And Storage
    Network and Storage

    A secure and reliable connection between a Cloud-based System and on-premises infrastructure using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and other Networking technologies is what we do. In addition, TBA provides a range of Storage options, such as Object Storage, Block Storage, and File Storage solutions for Storing and Managing Data on the Cloud. Network and Storage services provided by Managed Cloud Services can help businesses and organizations connect efficiently and Manage their Data on the Cloud.

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    By automating your processes across Single, Multiple, and Hybrid Cloud deployments, we make the Cloud transition a reality for you.
    Why TBA Managed Cloud Service?

    Maximize Your Business Efficiency with our Managed Cloud Services

    TBA managed cloud services combine in-depth knowledge of your operations, resources, and markets with cutting-edge technology and cloud delivery and management. We work with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMware Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and others. Our integrated teams deliver scalable cloud solutions to companies across a wide range of industries. We help you accelerate and automate operations across single or hybrid cloud environments.

    Seamless Cloud Operations

    The Expert Team troubleshoots the issues and keeps the Cloud Infrastructure running smoothly. We also provide additional resources for seamless Cloud Operations.

    Security and Safety

    By outsourcing Cloud Infrastructure Management to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to TBA, organizations take advantage of Securing and Managing Data, Meeting Compliance Requirements, and Keeping Sensitive Data Safe.

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    More About TBA Managed Cloud Service

    Our goal is to create elaborate solutions that simplify your processes and workflows and drastically reduce costs. With TBA’s Managed Cloud Services, you can shift the focus from daily administrative tasks to business strategy. 
    With TBA’s customized, cost-effective, and sound business strategy, you’ll remain relevant in an ever-changing market. We help you establish critical business applications and achieve business objectives through our Cloud Management Platform, which goes beyond Data Migration.
    However, some common reasons why businesses use TBA for their Managed Cloud Services include the provider’s ability to deliver a high level of Customization, Support, and security. Additionally, TBA’s Enterprise-grade Infrastructure and Resources can provide businesses with added reliability and peace of mind.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn how TBA can help you improve your managed cloud service through our frequently asked questions!
    A Cloud Service is a Managed Service that helps you Provision, Deploy, and Operate Cloud Services. You can use a Cloud Service to Build and Deploy Applications, Store and Manage Data, and Protect & Extend your existing IT Infrastructure.
    A Managed Cloud Service helps you save time and money by providing a range of services designed to save your time and money. Managed Cloud Services improve the overall function and management of your organization.
    A Managed Cloud Service is a Cloud-based Service operated by a third-party provider. The provider will manage the Infrastructure and Applications running on the Cloud. A Managed Cloud Service typically involves a Team of Experts who proactively work the Cloud Environment of each organization. The tasks include monitoring performance issues, deploying updates and security patches, and providing support.
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