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Explore what marketing automation is & what real marketing automation services looks like with our Texas Business Analytics marketing automation software.
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Marketing Automation Solutions Made Simple

Target your potential customers in the market with our effective marketing automation strategy. Control the marketing platforms under one TBA marketing automation software solution.
Meaningful Insights  

Get real-time insights for your business. From people, market, and technology to get an immense business value making outreach simple.  

Customized Nurturing  

Now it’s time to create drip marketing campaigns based on marketing insights and track progress to power up your nurturing strategy.  

Personalized Marketing 

Automate entire follow-up & cut down the conversion time with the right insights and personalized content by understanding each buyer.    

TBA’s Services

Enabling Businesses to Streamline, Optimize, & Automate Existing Marketing Workflows 

Welcome to Texas Business Analytics, your marketing automation consulting and solution partner. The right place to look over your marketing tactics is at each marketing funnel stage.   

Email Automation

Build and strengthen automated Email marketing campaigns. Create and send drip emails to engage your subscribers and track response and follow up. 

SMS Automation

Our Texas Business Analytics marketing automation software integrates with many SMS partners to send short messages and access number of them sent, delivered, and opened to improve future campaigns. 

Social Media Automation

Share automated promotional campaigns and status updates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and assess the reach of each campaign.  

Creative Design Solutions, To Shape Your Business Dynamically 

Sales Materials

We develop tailored sales material, pitch books, data sheets, proposals, and other collateral easily with our marketing automation software.

Reduce Risk

Maintain control and decrease risk while allowing teams to create and customize content rapidly.

Scalable Performance

Our marketing automation solutions help you scale the performance of messaging and design marketing strategies in no time.

Creative Design Solutions, To Shape Your Business Dynamically 
Marketing Automation Service Company

We Design, Implement, Track, Modify and Manage your brand marketing solutions technically.

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Our Automated Service!

Transform Your Process of Marketing Activities with Our Marketing Automation Software

Marketing earlier was tiring when you have to manually create and execute and track each customer individually. With our marketing automation software, you will find how interesting the brand marketing process is!

Grow Your Audience

In marketing, audience is King. Creative design and content is essential in grabbing the attention of your audience. Also, reaching them at the right time is even more important.

Be More Personal

Now marketing trend is changing. You need to me more personal with your audience to convert them. Create personalized contents with our automated solutions.

Who Says No to Quick Results?

Our marketing automation team are quick and effective in creating ideas and solutions. Share your requirements with us to learn more about our marketing automation services.

    Our Channel

    Platform Evaluation 

    Our specialists will effectively assess your business process, requirements, and pertinent platforms, supported by a tried-and-true Automation Centre of Excellence, to assist you in selecting the best marketing automation platform and creating the most effective adoption approach. 

    Platform Set Up & Support 

    Our professionals configure the CRM marketing automation or SMS marketing automation solution, whether platform-based or custom and help your team get it up and running after assessing and selecting the automation platform for business. 

    Platform Integration 

    Our marketing automation consulting service possesses the right experience and exposure to integrate the appropriate marketing platform with the CRM for seamless integration between marketing and CRM systems. 

    Content Marketing Strategy 

    From creating an editorial calendar to distributing it across the right channels, our marketing automation platform partners with you to deliver all content requirements to bridge the gap between your marketing goals and objective. 

    Demand Generation 

    As a best-in-class marketing automation platform in Austin, Texas, we facilitate clients in developing successful demand generation strategies to win over the marketing challenges and customers that cover the entire lead lifecycle. 

    Automation Management 

    We can manage the entire scope of the marketing automation system, from managing the leads and guiding them through the sales funnel to qualifying them for the sales team, thanks to our strategic partnerships with the top automation platforms and expertise in configuring and integrating these platforms. 

    Increase Your Sales And ROI
    Marketing Automation Support

    At TBA marketing automation company, you find only creativity with technology.

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    Increase Your Sales and ROI

    With TBA marketing automation solutions, you can increase your marketing performance and generate more leads and sales leading to increased ROI.
    Why You Should Choose Us

    Why Choose TBA Marketing Automation Services?

    Texas Business Analytics marketing automation strategies offer you the complete marketing solutions. From creating marketing strategies to brand identity to brand awareness to lead acquisition, and promotional activities to the email campaigns, we offer the complete pack of creative solutions in automated method.

    Complete Research

    We start all your marketing activities with the required research and analysis. From your business goals to customer to market demand, we analyze and evaluate in and out.

    Transparent Service  

    With our marketing automation service, we perform regular customer engagement tracking and marketing campaign performance. We make a transparent reporting to customers at each stage.

    Let’s Know More

    Texas Business Analytics Marketing Automation Services

    We specialize in working with social trends adapting to all the changes of the market. Our creative and dedicated team supports your business with latest trends of design, content, and tools that brings more traffic.
    Our unique branding and marketing methodology is understanding your business as well as your customers and the market demand. When all three perspectives are aligned, our strategies can outperform your competitors and bring more value to your business.
    We follow strategic methods to develop personlized strategies, for each marketing platforms. With our marketing automation software, we integrate and implement all your strategies effectively and manage them with ease leading you to focus on other aspects.

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    Sales Materials

    Crafted for our unique clients of various industries.

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    Creative Team

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    Digital Marketing Solutions

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    Contact our team by sharing your marketing plans and learn how we can improve it. TBA will assist you anytime anywhere!
    Email Marketing 95%
    Paid Ads Campaign 88%
    Social Media Marketing 92%
    Content Marketing 80%
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Finding our marketing automation service relevant to you? Here’s our customers few frequently asked querie.
    Businesses can increase productivity, lead scoring & nurturing, high conversion rates, and other benefits by automating monotonous operations and streamlining marketing workflows with the aid of a marketing automation provider. 
    You may solve a variety of company issues, such as poor user engagement, low lead conversions, marketing inefficiencies, and many others, with the use of a marketing automation solution. 

    An extended corporate growth strategy is marketing automation. The length of time it takes to work cannot be determined with certainty. However, if you are ready to launch and have your assets available (which might take weeks or months to produce), you can anticipate seeing benefits immediately. 

    It can take time if you haven’t yet created your promotional materials. However, it’s a continuous process of evaluating, developing, and tweaking your ideas to maximize outcomes, just like any other marketing strategy.  

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