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    Website Maintenance & Hosting Company

    A safe and secure website hosting solution is crucial for any business that operates online. Websites often require continual maintenance, updates and improvements to ensure complete efficiency and security. Without it, your website could experience significant issues. Reliable website support and maintenance gives you peace of mind, freeing up time and resources to focus on what really matters to your business.

    Our hosting and website maintenance services are handled by our top team of skilled and experienced individuals. We know that your website is unlikely to stay still, we anticipate growth and evolution in line with your business advancements and we’ll continue to support you.

    Web Hosting Service

    Check your Website Audit

      Keep Your Content Updated

      Taking Care of Your Website Through Managed Website Maintenance & Hosting Service

      Having fresh content on your website can boost your website traffic, sales, and leads and keep your visitors on your website longer. Search engines love updated content so much that Google filed a patent for document scoring based on the freshness of content.

      A hassle-Free Experience

      Contact us when there is a problem with your website or when you need an update. And we will handle the rest for us, so we will update you as soon as we have resolved the issue. We will update plugins add videos, and update browsers.

      Make The Most Of Your Time

      If you encounter any problems with your website, do not hesitate to give us a call or email us, we’ll fix it for you. We are here to save you from waiting on a hosting company’s tech support, so please let us know if you need anything we will take care of everything for you.

      Prioritizing the Schedule

      You will receive priority access to all website updates and changes if you have a maintenance contract. Expedited service is available, enabling you to receive updates or issues faster.

      Install and Configure Google Analytics

      By collecting and analyzing website stats, you can learn more about your website visitors and conversion rates. Your website will come with Google Analytics and conversion tracking software. You can request a monthly report on your website statistics from our team.

      Advanced Website Security & Protection

      There has been a significant increase in cyber-attacks against small businesses, resulting in decreased customer traffic, website downtime, and stress. Fortunately, Engage Designs maintains a secure website. We will restore your website free of charge if it has suffered a breach.

      Keeping A Backup Of Your Websit

      We will back up the website files and store them for quick reloading in the event of an interruption. By not having to rebuild your website every time there is a problem, you can save yourself time and money. Your website will always be secure with us.

      Exceptional Solid Web Hosting Performance

      24/7 Customer Support

      We provide 24-hour emergency support and easy access to our staff.

      Make Your Decision

      Our flexible packages will meet your evolving needs. Utilize monthly hours for website support, training, design, or development.

      We Deliver The Tools

      You can track problems with screenshots using the online support system. We keep you informed about your website while dealing with support queries.

      Performance Analysis Of Websites

      Professionally, we check your website’s performance and detect errors as fast as possible. The CRM system we offer includes all the features you need for monitoring your website to updating it. For better solutions, we check the performance of your website each month or week, and we send you a detailed report each month or week.

      Web Hosting Firm

      Performance and Quality Check

      Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That is why we perform a deep-check on your website. Periodically to make sure everything is running smoothly. We examine both the UI/UX and the SEO aspects of your website and produce an attractive and responsive design. Apart from fixing broken links and adding new web pages, we also conduct regular maintenance.

      The Importance of Keeping Your Website Up-to-Date

      A system must be updated and upgraded to remain secure and current to function correctly. As technology and online use increase, site backups and updates are essential. While WordPress development and hosting are the majority of our services, we offer maintenance packages that allow our clients to relax knowing their websites are safe, secure, and continually updated.

      We offer maintenance plans to our clients after initial development, which include such tasks as software updates and regular backups as the client’s requirements change. The client can opt to continue receiving WordPress updates, extension updates, regular backups, and content updates to ensure their website remains relevant to their needs.

      Advantages of Maintenance Services

      The peace Of Mind

      The peace of mind you get from knowing that plugins can be updated whenever necessary is enormous. And everything is running seamlessly. We will take care of your website maintenance So you can focus on other essential business operations.

      Free Up Your Time

      Now, you don’t have to remember how to log in to make changes and worry about making mistakes that could corrupt or crash your website. We will handle maintenance for you when you give us a call. You can reach us at any time!

      Team of Qualified Leads

      Having a development team handle your WordPress site gives you peace of mind. Due to this, it is imperative that you contact us today to relieve yourself of the stress of maintaining and updating your website.

      Expertise and Knowledge

      Most people outsource their website maintenance because of a lack of knowledge. Updates, backups, and optimization are the three main tasks of day-to-day website maintenance. Suppose something goes wrong:

      •  How quickly would you be able to resolve the issue?
      • Would you be able to fix a faulty plugin update?

      What is the solution to the WordPress white screen of death? (Yes, it is a real thing)

      You need people to understand these issues and resolve them quickly.

      Facilitating Technical Support

      Our clients who actively update and make changes to their websites are what we love, even though sometimes things can go wrong. Since we are a design agency, you will deal with someone you know personally – no long waiting for support tickets! Using our maintenance package, we can quickly solve the problem or help you get your site back to normal quickly!

      Web Hosting Company

      Tba provides web maintenance services including

      • Web hosting
      • Website Review
      • Updating website contents
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Domain name renewal
      • Multiple Email accounts
      • Help Desk
      • Website Analysis
      • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

      What Makes Our Website Maintenance Services The Best?

      • At TBA, we are aware that a website needs to be updated to remain relevant. So we create customized Website Maintenance plans that suit the needs of different businesses.
      • Periodic website performance checks are part of our instant website update service.
      • The security of your website is of the utmost importance to us.
      • The company adds, edits, and updates the content as requested by the clients and strives to keep the website updated, fresh, and active.
      • Our website maintenance services come in different packages suitable for all types and sizes of businesses.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The reason for this is that Google updates its algorithms every day. So to stay up-to-date and compliant with regulations, continuous website maintenance is crucial. TBA provides you with the best web maintenance services at the lowest price.

      A great feature of the TBA website maintenance service is that we check your website regularly and correct any errors. By updating content images, and banners, we ensure your website ranks high on Google.

      Our website maintenance service keeps your website up-to-date, error-free, and secure. Additionally, it is an integral part of your business’s growth.

      There are many things to analyze across healthcare, education, eCommerce, news, and blog websites. Infinityhub offers affordable website maintenance services. The services provided by company are performance monitoring, web links, images, blogs, and content updates daily.

      Maintaining a website is an essential aspect of every business, regardless of the size and type. An updated website is more likely to engage visitors. A better ranking and compliance with new regulations will result in more customers.

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