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    In this digitally evolving world, the website is the first interaction between business owners and customers to build their brand awareness and services. According to statistics, nearly 4.6 billion people use the internet, and 1.8 billion websites are accessible on the internet. But, in that business cluster, did your website reach your targeted customers? Or your ideal audience destined your business website when they search for the specific product/service you provide? If any of this does not adequately work, you will miss the vast business possibilities in the crowded online space.   

    This is the main reason businesses entail a website that satisfies the business goals and objectives. Partnering with Texas Business Analytics, a web design company will create high-demanding platforms to develop your website. Get your professional business website that is capable of showcasing your product/service effectively to your consumers with our website development company.   

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      Website Development
      Website Development
      Website Development
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      Websites with SEO optimization and perfect layouts to acquire top positions in organic search

      Website Development
      Website Development
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      Convert your visitor into a customer with responsive websites

      Website Development
      Website Development
      Website Development
      Web Design Prototyping Tools


      Authentic websites to build trust and credibility among consumers 

      Elevate Your Business with Effective Marketing and Technology

      Emerging Technologies

      High Conversion

      SEO Optimized

      Not all businesses are the same, and not all websites work as same. That’s why TBA tailored custom strategies for each business’s needs and goals. In addition, our decade of experience in web design helps various businesses to experience emerging technologies blended with marketing strategies to accomplish their internet marketing needs. 

      Our web development company enhances your online presence with a natural extension of your brand story. Our web design experts code your responsive website with engaging UI/UX designs to encourage your visitor to take action.

      We not only encode your website, our website development process is beyond coding, but we also unwrap the keywords, phrases, and brand attributes to move your business to the marketing ecosystem where your ideal customers are looking for.  

      Are you looking to leverage advanced technology to improve your online business? Our web design company has been doing this for a decade. Get in touch with our team to explore.   

      How Websites Makes Business Effective?

      Business websites are considered as the sales machine. It is a highly effective and cost-efficient marketing tool to drive sales and revenue, a business that without an online presence cannot survive. Moreover, how does an effective website benefits business?  

      As an online marketer, it is significant to establish your brand value with your customers and build trust. Websites can help your business as a going concern, improve your communication and bring more engagements with your customers with brand proposition value through websites. Reach your audience globally with a reliable website and extent your brand awareness to anyone in the world. 

       Websites increase your point of contact with customers and make them quickly contact you and a medium to learn more about your product/service. Also, show your expertise on your business or your insights with practical tips on relevant blog topics to acquire a wide range of customers.  

      Web Development Services

      How Our Website Development Company Develop Your Robust Digital Assest

      Our web design company focuses each step of your development process on advanced technologies and multiple custom testing on ensuring the website is accessible across all browsers and mobile phones to provide superior service. Our strategic web development company doesn’t settle our clients with some random templates, we build a custom web page design that is coded with the brand authority and digital representation of the company.

      Content Writing

      Keep your website ever-green with unique and industry-related content that addresses your consumers’ concerns and needs. Our website development company involves an expert team of content developers to conduct market research to create data-driven content optimized for users and search engines.   

      Conversion Rate Optimization

      With a decade of experience in web design and digital marketing, we help businesses create a website with optimized site speed and clear CTA (Call-to-action) to move page visitors to the bottom of the sales funnel. In addition, we perform A/B testing to ensure all aspects of the website are optimized for conversions. 

      Search Engine Optimization

      Make sure your website is optimized for SEO to be crawled and indexed by search engines to improve traffic and leads for your business. At TBA, we ensure each step of the website that comprises SEO includes web content, image attributes, and link building to improve your visibility and make it easy for customers to find your products/service in search engines.

      Website Analysis

      Our web development company conducts a complete site analysis to determine the website’s conversion chances, weaknesses, threats to satisfy the needs. In addition, we perform an SEO audit and competitor analysis, website speed, and functionality to improve usability and engagement with your visitors.  

      How Responsive Website Improve User Experience

      Whether you own a startup or a well-established firm, creating a website is essential for your business to build a solid digital footprint in the crowded marketplace. Many businesses have adopted websites to increase their brand visibility and maximize their conversion range in this digital age. However, despite its growing popularity, the business needs to have a responsive website beyond static web design to drive better results and revenue.   

      Globally, there are approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users. Most smartphone users spend regularly around 2 hours 55 minutes on their mobile phones. In light of the increasing popularity of mobile devices, websites should be optimized for mobile phones, different locations, and different age groups based on business objectives to cater to a wide range of consumers. 

      How we optimized your websites that surpass your competitor’s site

      Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

      Largest Contentful Paint is the vital web metric that measures the largest element of the webpage that becomes visible in the users’ browser. From the user viewpoint, the web page’s largest element is crucial, and rendering it soon will improve your user experience. We optimize your website’s LCP with our best coding practice and make it accessible as soon as possible for users.   

      First Input Delay (FID)

      As per the study, 95% of a users’ first impression relates to web design. The first impression differentiates visitors who turned into loyal customers and visitors who left and did not come back. FID evaluates the website’s interactivity and measures the website’s responsiveness to an interaction when user-triggered. Eliminate the website latency with our web design company and make an effective impression. 

      Website Development Company

      Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

      • Cumulative Layout Shift is a measure of websites’ visual stability. CLS metric measures the largest burst of layout shift scores for unexpected layout shift that occurs during the lifespan of the page. Maintain your webpage’s consistent flow to target your customers and maximize the conversions with an effective website.
      • At TBA, we customize our end-to-end strategic service to provide digital growth for business. We Develop your website that will work seamlessly in all browsers and on all mobile devices.
      • Talk with our expert team to build your digital asset to elevate your business goals. 

      Why TBA for Website Development Process

      Our decade of experience in website development and digital marketing has taught us the various marketing strategies that work and established the proven strategies that help businesses grow digitally. We develop a cost-efficient website that is responsive, versatile on various platforms, a digital asset that showcases your brand authority, and optimized for search engines and users’ intent. We focus and implement each process for businesses from various industries at an affordable cost. Our transparent pricing and service from end-to-end create a better engagement with our client and trustworthiness.   

      Visual Appeal

      Utilize the chance to impress your visitors with the limited opportunity of the digital world. Make your users’ first impression delightful to convert them into loyal customers. Our web design company ensures that our design grabs your targeted audience’s attention and makes them explore.   

      More Accessible

      Making a website easy to access is more significant than acquiring the attention of your ideal audience. If your website is not easy to navigate, then your valuable content can’t be easily found. We committed to don’t let those to your case. TBA builds an intuitive website that is easy and simple to navigate.

      Optimized Content

      Ensure your dazzling website is fueled with strategic content. Many businesses only focus on web designs and neglect the content part. Don’t be that. Our web development company is highly focused on feeding highly optimized content for search engines. Good content converts. We know how to craft the content for your website based on your business to convert.   

      Reasons To Choose TBA

      Our principles and techniques have ensured consistently successful results.

      A Deeper Understanding

      Extensive research distinguishes custom website design services. A good website isn’t simply the result of gathering requirements. We thoroughly research each aspect of your product. The elaboration of flawless experiences that would work for your business goals, and leave all users completely satisfied, based on determining technology constraints for elaborating such seamless experiences. 

      Proactively Solving Problems

      We are experts in digital product design. Our expertise in technology and business means we are always confident to step in when we see a problem or can help you improve your products. Ultimately, as a client seeking expert website design services, you need an expert to help you create a great website. We aren’t just going with the flow but going above and beyond. 

      Collaboration Is Essential

      You will be able to track TBA progress on your project, from its conception to its completion. With iterative processes, TBA promotes transparency and team collaboration. Teams and stakeholders can share information and collaborate if they are all on the same page. Moreover, it keeps the product current with the changing market demands. 

      Design Enthusiasts

      The right design meets skillful engineering to create great products. Web UX/UI experts understand that a good design can make a difference, and a bad one can put the kibosh on even the most brilliant function. We can create an easy and smooth digital experience by translating even the most complicated technical requirements into something straightforward and user-friendly. 

      Products That Win Awards

      To create an award-winning design, you need a combination of skills and experience combined with practicality and anticipatory thinking. Our company has designed web and mobile products for big tech giants and have won appreciations 

      Kick-Off Fast for Projects

      Getting started early enables us to test ideas, get feedback, and refine our design and development strategies as we get some real-world experience. Consequently, we strive to start working on a project as soon as possible, usually no more than one week after first communicating with a client. Based on the requirements of the project environment, the team can be ramped up or down accordingly. 

      Design Process Of UX/UI

      We design and build websites, dashboards for data analysis and visualization, Internet of Things (IoTs), or smartphone apps. We always use a consistent and efficient design process that includes several steps along with its outcome and deliverables. UI/UX designs captures the attention of the visitors and compels them to stay and explore the website more. 

      Conceptualization And Analysis

      We begin by analyzing the product deeply. We receive input from stakeholders. After that, we examine targets, expectations, and competitors. By doing this, we can identify basic requirements and outline challenges. We then find out which technologies we’ll be dealing with the most. 

      Research On Users

      In addition to designing mobile and web apps, our company carries out user research. A vision board or empathy map helps us identify our target audience’s characteristic that includes defining human personas, determining features, and creating scenarios that illustrate all possible activities and user journeys. 

      Flow And Interactions

      Our information structure is developed based on user scenarios and requirements. You can get a first look at a product’s pages and screens through information architecture. The next step is to create interactive wireframes (sketches), which give you an idea of the future functionality and flow of the system. 

      Designing Visuals

      Finalizing the user interface involves adding color, typography, branding, and identity features to the system design. Our team builds mock-ups for use in development. No matter what we do, whether it’s a website, developing a mobile app, or making a system more effective, our design interfaces adheres to SEO and best design practices. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The time frame for website development is based on the credentials of websites like number of pages, types of designs, special efforts and unique development.  

      It is a website design that accounts for and comprises Search Engine Optimization strategies. Therefore, the website designer should keep SEO as a significant part in mind while developing the website. So that digital marketers can optimize the site based on a search engine to improve traffic and leads.   

      Website design is of three kinds, be specific static, CMS or dynamic, and eCommerce. Each one of the websites is developed and designed on various platforms, and businesses choose a website that suits their business objectives. 

      According to a study, 40% of people are attracted to the website based on the content. And 34% of people view video content as effective in holding them at the website.

      Reasons for redesigning the website vary, depending on the business goals and objectives. For example, businesses redesign if they want to rebrand, increase traffic, generate more leads, and improve user experience.