Top 10 A/B Testing Tools & Platforms for 2023 – Alternative to Google Optimize

Google Optimize
Hey Google… Tell me some joke about ‘Google Optimize’!
Here You Go: Why did the marketer break up with Google Optimize?
It kept giving him too many options, and he just couldn’t decide which version of his website to use!
Oh! Did you feel that is hilarious?! Never Mind.
Actually, we want to say that marketers’ obsession with A/B Testing Tools and Platforms is huge. In that case, Google Optimize is considered one of the largest A/B Testing Platforms in terms of the user base.
However…in keeping with their reputation of building useful Tools and then killing them off – Google has recently announced its next victim; we mean they’re closing their doors on their popular A/B Testing Software, Google Optimize, on September 30, 2023.
Google Optimize

Get Google’s Official Announcement here, if you need to check out the Google Statement. In short, it explains they’re looking toward the future and investing in third-party A/B Testing integrations for Google Analytics 4. Possibly we can expect the most effective solutions and integrations, especially with GA4.

Now, it’s time to find the best Google Optimize Alternatives in 2023! Not just the random lists or promotions but the real A/B Testing Tools with better performance and efficient results. For the past 5 years, we at Texas Business Analytics have been working on various A/B Testing Platforms and Software on nearly 2000+ Campaigns.

Let’s Start from the Main Google Optimize Alternatives

There are various powerful A/B Testing Tools like Google Optimize. However, when it comes to your business, website, and budget, which is best for you? The question often strikes very badly, right?! Because we do have. Let’s explore some of the leading brands we got personally beneficial to clarify your doubts and dilemma on the best A/B testing software.

Optimizely Experiment

Google Optimizely
Hope the Infographic clearly explains the functionality and how it replaces Google Optimize. As it continues, Optimizely offers a range of Testing Tools aimed at corporate and enterprise level businesses. This A/B Testing Platform includes personalization and multi-page funnel experiments. Brands like Salesforce and IBM used the software.

Optimizely has been around since 2010, meaning they know their stuff about A/B Testing. The cons, in contrast, are the software’s complexity and price. So, who is the best pick for this software? Definitely for brands with huge marketing budgets. Don’t get distressed by this; we have various A/B Testing Software that can suit your requirements and budget. Let’s jump on to the next.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty, another A/B Testing Tool which is reasonably priced, simple to use with a good starting point for companies just starting in conversion optimization (seems the best alternative for Google Optimize as well as Optimizely Experiment, right?) Let’s explore AB Tasty AB Tasty offers A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, Split Testing as well as Funnel Testing capabilities.AB Tasty Moreover, using AB Tasty’s Visual Editor, you can quickly put together variants. Also, test and receive real-time reports with high confidence levels on your goals. One of the best alternatives for Google Optimize for your PPC Management to A/B test your pages.

The ability to start tests based on URLs, geography, demographics and other factors simultaneously gives you complete control over Testing. The platform’s data can also be improved by incorporating pre-existing data from CRMs and DMPs.
The Pros and Cons? On their way…
Literally, we agreed with Chloe O’ Keeffe, Former Associate Conversion Consultant at, as she shared the Pros and Cons of AB Tasty.
Chloe O Keeffe
The Pros
The Interface: It is made to visualize tests clearly and get to understand and launch. A lot of configurations are available. For instance, you can add multiple filters, such as User IP Address, Localization or Cookie Values.
Set Up is Easy: Users with limited technical skills can simply modify pages, develop new designs, or use the special widget library, thanks to the editor’s intuitive interface and helpful preview mode.
Powerful Integrations: Many Integrations such as Google Analytics, Kissmetrics or Clicktale are available for validating test results.
The Pricing: Well, Pricing is mid-range, especially not as expensive as other leading competitors in the market.
The Cons
  • The first Con is that the Statistical Significance Calculator is basic at most. We believe it is better displayed as a numerical value rather than a bar chart.
  • The Testing Process can occasionally be delayed by a lag in test findings that calls for a response from the customer service staff.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target is another popular enterprise Tool that combines Targeted Testing and Personalization.
What’s special in Adobe Target…

Adobe Target walks you through three-step workflows where you initially create the variant, then target the variant based on visitor segmentation, and customize your goals, objectives, and settings for the test.

Based on this targeting feature, it should come as no surprise that Adobe Target’s most exciting feature is Automated Personalization. Adobe Target’s self-learning algorithm automatically and consistently adjusts itself to make the association between the audience behavior and content in order to give you the best results possible. (Actually, we personally felt that!)
Real-Time adaptation of Content can help you better meet the needs of various audiences/visitors.
Let’s jump on to the Review part.
For the Abode Target Review, we follow Sean Patterson, a Former Conversion Consultant at

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    Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) Testing

    Visual Website Optimizer is another player in the A/B Testing Software Platform Market. VWO Testing is a top-notch choice for businesses with moderate budget and popular among many Digital Marketers.
    One of the main reasons it’s so popular among Marketers is because of the variety of Tools the A/B Testing Software gives you access to. VWO Testing separates that access into five categories: Testing, Insights, Full Stack, Plan, and Engage.
    With VWO Testing Software, you can create multiple variations of web pages or landing pages and track various conversion goals. VWO also provides statistical analysis of the results. Our favorite feature of VWO is its built-in heatmap tool that tracks audience click behavior and tracking habits; nice know!
    Notably, if personalization is essential to your work, VWO offers easy Tools for segmenting and delivering targeted offers.
    …And it’s review time! Mr. Alex Harris, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) at Perficient said that:
    The Pros
    Visual Interface: The UX is more user friendly and the Reports are visually appealing.
    Reports: The Reports and Charts are easy to analyze as compared with other Testing Platforms
    Accessibility: VWO offers a simple step by step process in the A/B Testing. It’s easier for beginners to conduct A/B Testing, with no complicated steps.
    The Con
    • The only downside of VWO is the Test Report related to the WYSIWYG, which is a good Optimizer but shouldn’t use anyway.


    Kameleoon is another A/B Testing Software and Personalization Platform we got next on our list. Kameleoon was early featured in Forrester’s 2020 Q4 Wave for Experience Optimization as a competitor to Optimizely and Adobe Target. Kameleoon is one of the few Optimizations Solution Offerings Web Full Stacks in real-time everywhere in your Tech Stack. You can even use it for both A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing to create unlimited test variation. Since Kameleoon constantly focuses on Data Security and Privacy, it’s a popular choice for Healthcare, Financial Services, and Insurance Organizations. Other features of Kameleoon includes,

    Personalization: You may precisely target your clients with Kameleoon’s Personalization Service. The AI-powered conversion prediction feature enables you to reach your customers through all channels and devices while ensuring you always deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Thanks to its Dedicated Personalization Dashboard, you can also adjust your ads to ensure you are constantly addressing the proper audience.
    Integrations: Kameleoon Integrates with Salesforce Audience Studio, Segment, Tealium, Contentsquare, Google Analytics, Hotjar, and more.
    The Pros
    • This A/B Testing Platform offers 24/7 Customer Support
    • The Software offers a Graphical Editor
    • You can Build Server-Side Tests Using Client-Side Tools
    The con
    Kameleoon is not for beginners. It’s difficult to keep up.


    A/B Testing, the creation of heatmaps, the ability to record sessions, and the ability to launch polls are just a few of the features that are available on the Extensive User Testing and Analytics Platform FigPii. The Platform boasts a high-speed A/B Testing Engine, and also provides guidance on test duration and sample size requirements for statistical significance. Additionally, FigPii enables users to acquire significant insights into visitor behavior and conversion funnel flow, making it a professional favorite choice.

    The key experimental features of FigPii are pretty impressive as compared with the any other A/B Testing Platform in this list. FigPii suggests Testing ideas and lets you easily create tests for single or multiple pages. You can target visitors who land on your site from a specific campaign, device, or visitor type. Bayesian Statistics incorporated into FigPii make the tests faster and more accurate. You can even set unlimited goals and get a detailed analysis of conversion and bounce rates.
    The Pros
    • Free migration from Google Optimize to FigPii
    • Free Testing Plan up to 75,000 unique visitors
    • Comes with Behavioral Analysis Tool
    • 24/7 Expert Support
    • You can record thousands of sessions, among that this A/B Testing Tool highlights the most insightful one to save your time.
    The cons
    • Limited audience targeting option
    • Doesn’t allow Multivariate Testing


    Evolv is a New Generation Testing SaaS that incorporates Machine Learning Algorithms with Conversion Optimization. Evolv enables users to do goal-oriented experimentation. Once you’ve set up your goals and KPIs, it uses Machine Learning to experiment with the largest number of ideas.
    Evolv covers the entire customer journey and can optimize elements like copy, button styling, background images, slider treatment and timing, image order, and more. One of the biggest advantages of Evolv is the ability to run Multivariate Tests on a massive scale.

    A/B Smartly

    A/B Smartly is another Experimentation Software in our List of Top 10 Tools for A/B Testing, perfect for sophisticated product and data science teams.
    Using A/B Smartly, with its Data Deep Dive Capabilities, Segmentation, and Filtering Options, you can debug results efficiently, when compared with the other A/B Testing Tools and Platforms. It works on Apps, Web, and Client-side and continuously rolls out advanced featured from Sequential Testing to Multi-stage Triggering.
    Overall, it’s a complete tool for product and data teams who want to optimize user experience across the whole stack.


    Statsig is a platform for product observability that makes it much easier to measure the effects of your growth experiments and product enhancements.

    It functions by taking the events from your experiments and turning them into Insightful Data Processing. Their team claims that a platform for feature delivery that is yet another, is concentrated on speed and dependability to cut cycle times and minimize risks with each feature release.

    Split makes it simpler for product managers to deal directly with each release without overly depending on Developers, by enabling you to update some feature attributes without publishing new Code.
    It also keeps track of any issues that the release of a product might create, and it notifies you if a feature has the potential to hurt your metrics. In that situation, a kill switch will allow you to deactivate it immediately. Integration is simple with most data platforms, including Sentry, Segment, and Google Analytics.
    Over to You!

    We hope the above-listed Top 10 Tools for A/B Testing Online can be the perfect alternative for Google Optimize. Don’t limit you’re A/B Testing with Google Optimize; choose the best A/B Testing Tools from our Top List; since we covered all the Pros and Cons, it’s your time to pick one. For more Digital Marketing and Audience Targeting Trends, follow Texas Business Analytics to stay updated. We’re on the journey to serve the business to reach results.

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