Custom Website Design Vs Website Templates How To Pick A Side

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Custom Website Design Vs Website Templates! How to Pick a Side! 

It’s a kind of dilemma for small businesses that are growing business in online marketing while developing websites because there are a lot of things to consider, especially budget, time frame and another thing custom website development or template site (the other two things end up in this). Well, it depends. The choice isn’t so easy. This blog covers all the possible questions in choosing between a Custom Website Design and a Website Templates.   

Web Design Vs Website Template

Custom Website Development

Another part of the website development process is custom web design. In Custom Website development, every element is Custom Designed to fit your needs and requirements. The objective of the Custom Website Design is that your strategy and content come first and the Design is then built around it. Furthermore, Custom Website Design can make your business stand ahead in the competition, because of it being unique and different from anyone else. The authority and responsiveness of the Website entirely relies on the standard of development codes. If you’re not sure about the coding part, hiring a Website Design and Development Company is suggested. 

Benefits of Custom Web Design

As mentioned above, Custom Website development on your own or with a Web Design Company will give you the freedom and adapt your business needs in any possible way. Every little aspect is Designed by incorporating your branding into it, and you have complete supervision of your project from beginning to end. Compared with the Website Templates, the Custom Website Design offers more responsive and necessary optimizations for search engines. To qualify your business goals in means of sales and engagement, the Website Design and Development Services you hire will consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. You will be able to involve yourself and control the process and get custom features to build into the Design to make it accessible for your in-house team or administrator to manage the Website.   

Shortcoming of Custom Website Development

Custom Websites are developed from scratch. It means the architecture, navigational structure, functions, graphical elements, fonts, and back end are all designed based on your requirements. So, it takes a definite time frame to complete the process and it is much more expensive than Website Templates.  

Website Templates

Website Templates are Pre-Designed Web Page Templates that offer you an exciting site layout, flexible and good enough to put your content (both creative and written) into. All you need is to look for a Template Design that has an intimate visual feel of brand authority and matches your business goals; if you find the right one, you can just do a little customization with images, content and color, based on your requirement. There are many Website Builders and Website Designing Companies available with Website Templates. You can save your time when compared to Designing your Website from scratch. So, are the Website Templates good for your business? We’ll discuss that later. 

Benefits of Website Templates Design 

Cost is the main benefit of Website Design Templates compared to Custom Website Design. Websites Templates Design is cost-effective mostly because using a Template means that you already have your developing code completed, and there’s no need to rely on Website Design and Development Services. That’s why pre-loaded Template sites are more affordable than Custom Website Designs. Even though there is no need for a Web Design Company, Developers still have to spend time customizing the Template based on business needs, implementing brand color and content on the Website to live, and, most importantly, ensuring that everything is working fine and the Website is responsive.   

Again, pre-loaded coded Templates are faster to build, from Template Design to functional Websites. This can save you time and launch in a matter of a week, if you have all the content for the Website in a row.  

Drawbacks of Website Templates Design 

Yes, there are shortcomings in Website Templates Design, and as a business owner, you should be aware of that. The Design possibilities of most Templates are really low. You can’t change the entire look of the Template Design. In fact, you can change some things like colors, fonts and content, but the Template layout is pretty fixed. You can keep going with the Website Template Design if you like the existing Template layout and don’t desire something more than that. Then, that layout that could work for you. Another essential thing you have to be aware of is that many businesses will have the same Website Template as yours.   

While looking into the functionality of your Template Website, it depends on the expiration date of plugins and updates of the builder of which your Website is integrated can change the look, and you have to find the extra time or Web Design Company to fix it. 

Is Custom Website Design or Template Website Templates the best?

We went through the benefits as well as the shortcomings of both Custom Website Design and Website Templates. Still not sure which is the best pick? No sweat! We’ll help you! Let’s categorize the sections to decide.  

1. Web Design Budget

As mentioned above, Template Websites have lower upfront costs. Many businesses start with a Template Design to test out the waters and upgrade to the actual Custom Website Design once they generate revenue. However, these backflips can bring some side effects like Template breaking and code bugs. As a result, you have to spend a separate time fixing your issue, and this could cost you more.   

However, Custom Website Design uplifts your budget when compared to Template Design. There is no loop to re-work or revise your front-end and back-end content. Instead, hiring a top Website Design Company can build you a flawless Website in a single shot.   

2. Mobile Experience

The Template Design sites don’t work well across Mobile Devices. Sometimes, Templates look great on a desktop, but when it comes to Mobile responsiveness, they are a total disaster. Most Website Builder Website Companies don’t focus on Mobile screens. It’s not to be a problem until your Website ends up with Mobile users.   

With Website Design and Development Services from a Web Design Company, you can build a Custom Web Design that’ll perfectly fit into all resolutions of desktop and Mobile screens.   

3. Site Loading Speed and Search Engine Ranking

Most of the Template Websites are encoded with dodgy coding. On top of that, they are not maintained nor updated regularly. That makes your Website slow to load and sluggish to perform. It not only backfires on users, but also takes a serious toll on your Search Engine Ranking.   

Search Engine Ranking is crucial for all online businesses to reach customers. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t take slow loading sites. For better speed, performance, and Search Engine Ranking, Custom Website Development is a great choice.   

Hope you got a clear idea about Website Development. If you want more insights and ideas about Custom Website Design, Contact our Web Developers at Texas Business Analytics to explore more. We are a Website Design and Development Company offering responsive, but affordable Web Design and Development Services. We also specialize in Full-Service Digital Marketing to thrive in business. So, get in touch with our experts today.   

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